Humanities for ICSE class 11 students

Students are offered three streams to choose from after the 10th boards. Science, Commerce or Arts/Humanities, whichever they are more inclined to study, they choose that. After the stream is decided upon, you must look upon the subjects it offers you to choose from for your class 11th. If Humanities is your stream, then this article will guide you through […]

Purchasing the best second hand items in UAE

There are endless individuals who are driving a sumptuous way of life and they have all that they need. In any case, in no place, it implies that they have a gigantic spending plan and even money related fortune close by. It is basic that they settle on keen decisions. They recognize what will be truly useful for them and […]

How to choose the best lash enhancement treatment?

You are considering enhancing your lashes because they are tiny and are not in beautiful shape? There are several opportunities out there that can do the trick. You just need to choose the best one for you. The four best eyelash-enhancing approaches include false lashes, eyelash extensions. Lash lift and lash tint. We are providing here all the information about […]


ERP is known as enterprise resource planning; it is a set of customizable applications that helps businesses to manage and include the most critical processes. It also contains applications which automates business functions like production, forecasting sales, managing financial accounts and more. In simpler terms ERP facilitates your company’s operations across every department. ERP solutions improve how you handle business […]


That feeling when you know soon your new journey of parenthood is going to start, gives tremendous cheerfulness which nothing else in the world can give. A baby shower event especially symbols your celebration for your baby-to-be and mark his/ her to be arrival. A décor that stands out is the best way to plan your baby shower either being […]

A quick guide on how to play fantasy basketball

If you’re playing fantasy sports for the first time, or you’re a seasoned fantasy basketball player looking for a new challenge, this guide aims to teach you how to tackle fantasy basketball. Read on to learn strategies to excel and win the tournaments and fantasy leagues. It is a platform where one can play a game against various teams which […]

Difference between CBI and India's RAW

Although India had its own intelligence agency in the name of the IB, it suffered a humiliating defeat against China in the Sino-Indian War of 1962. The very poor performance of the armed forces was responsible for the weak appearance of the IB both internally and externally. Intelligence was performing duties that allowed the government to come with an independent […]