Importance of Prose and Poetry Summary while Preparing for Board Exams

English is an equally important subject for CBSE Students, the same as Science, Social Science or Mathematics. Acing the subject is easy with hard work and commitment. Along with acing the grammar and spellings that make up the language, students also have to understand thoroughly the topics and concepts discussed in class. CBSE Class 9 English Textbook consists of an […]

AWS Security Engineer Certification vs. Azure Security Engineer Certification: Which to Choose

There are a lot of organizations that are making use of cloud-related facilities, encouraging furthermore individuals to change their recent Info-Tech designation that is related to the cloud. The major issue is that many of the individuals only have enough duration after their work on account to acquire the newest techs, as well as there is a lot of cloud-related […]

Humanities for ICSE class 11 students

Students are offered three streams to choose from after the 10th boards. Science, Commerce or Arts/Humanities, whichever they are more inclined to study, they choose that. After the stream is decided upon, you must look upon the subjects it offers you to choose from for your class 11th. If Humanities is your stream, then this article will guide you through […]

Difference between CBI and India's RAW

Although India had its own intelligence agency in the name of the IB, it suffered a humiliating defeat against China in the Sino-Indian War of 1962. The very poor performance of the armed forces was responsible for the weak appearance of the IB both internally and externally. Intelligence was performing duties that allowed the government to come with an independent […]

Failed PMP Exam? – How to Pass the PMP Re-Exam?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. The Project Management Institute is responsible for hiring Project Management Professionals. Project Management Professionals need to promote the projects, organize the projects based on the knowledge and skills. These Project Management Professionals are hired through the exam, named, PMP. Any kind of industry requires its own Project Management Professional to expand the business.  How […]

Streamlining the Warehouse Practices

The ewm warehouse management will help in enhancing the store related facilities and will help in goods transportation using all means. In order to keep the practices streamlined it is required to have a transparent and accurate inventory system that will contribute towards flexible resource management. The SAP helps in delivering the business benefits in the best possible and smoothest […]

GMAT: What should Candidates Keep in Mind?

There are varied tests that you have to go through before you get a place in the corporate world. Even if you are deciding to study in institutions, you have to give competitive tests for the best outcomes. However, there are certainly aids available for any kind of preparation. If you are preparing for GMAT then you can think about […]

Make Your Career in Banking & Analytics with Imarticus Learning Institute

What is ImarticusLearning Institute? The Imarticus Learning institute has one of the best certification programs for any banking and analytical career enthusiast. The courses mainly focus on the people who have completed their graduations or are already done with their Post graduation as well. This institute was developed keeping in mind, the latest trends in the Banking and Analytical industry […]