Dredd 2012 Watch Online

Two lengthy shadows fall over Dredd, the second try and get 2000AD’s gnarly, grizzled super-cop onto the huge screen. One of them, as you might expect, is Danny Cannon’s 1995’s Judge Dredd, the Sylvester Stallone vehicle that looked the part, but misunderstood the fundamentals right down to the inclusion of Rob Schneider as comedian relief. If you to watch this […]

6 top tips for planning a stag do

Being asked by your mate to be his best man at the wedding is a huge honour indeed, but it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are many responsibilities to be shouldered and to a person with no experience, it may even seem daunting at first. Despite the many responsibilities involved, being a groom’s best man can be a lot […]

9 Best torrent websites to download free movies

Internet users always need good and fresh content on the internet. The best source of multiple free things is torrent and there are various torrent platforms available on the internet. Torrent platforms are known as the protocol based file-sharing network which works peer to peer and deliver high-quality content on the internet. Various platforms offer easy free stuff such as […]


Spider-Man, our friendly neighborhood hero and Stan Lee’s greatest gift to the comic book world. Though since the launch of this comic book, there have been many adaptations of this comic book series’ character. From series in; animation TV, movies, there have only been seven theatrical movie to have been made so far. The eighth, “Spider-Man: Far from Home” movie […]