How To Fix Hotmail Account Issues

Hotmail is a web-based service provide webmail, tasks, contact, and calendaring etc.One of the world’s first web mail service, it was established in 1996 as Hotmail (The capital H, T, M, and L are an allegiance to HTML) by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in Mountain View, California. User can access this free webmail service from any browser at any […]

10 Basic Tips for How to use Microsoft OneNote

Let us talk about Microsoft OneNote Microsoft One Note is a computer program using for information gathering and multi-user association. You can add text in notes, capture images, insert audio and video , handwriting and similar content in your notebook. Microsoft One Note collects and organizes the information, making it available for searching as well as sharing with others. Microsoft One Note […]

How Web Design Has Changed

The digitization world has running as long way since 1995.The new generation always involves with internet is a place to invented ,in research development, make online shopping,store data, web design services and also be used in place to advertisement in your business purpose. The idea and thing to look market your business on the internet is in the term of […]