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Cigarettes kill an erection. Stop it!

Cigarettes kill an erection. Stop it!

There is probably no doubt that cigarette smoking is harmful to health. But many men probably don’t realize that nicotine is a silent, creeping killer of their potency. Two cigarettes a day is enough, and erectile dysfunction is well done. Erection problems are continually increasing, and relatively young men are also aware of this. Do you know what is interesting? According to a Boston study, 80% of men with erectile dysfunction are smokers. Well, one cigarette won’t kill me, we’ll think. One probably won’t do as much damage, but some men smoke a box a day without blinking an eye. Maybe they would put the lights off if they knew what awaited them and what nicotine would do to their body.

Thanks to nicotine, it is smaller!

Above all, nicotine narrows blood vessels, and the worse their condition, the worse their blood flow. This also leads to a poorer blood supply to the penis and a smaller or shorter erection. However, this is not the only tax that men pay for this bad habit. Not only nicotine but also other harmful substances from cigarettes also deteriorate the quality of sperm and can cause infertility. Sperm tend to be slower, lower, or completely absent.

Healthy lifestyle = potency and fertility

Nicotine addiction is not the only cause behind sensitive male problems such as infertility or impotence. Everyday stress, overweight, lack of exercise, poor eating, and an unhealthy lifestyle generally make things worse. Many women are then taken aback when they realize that sexual pleasures with their partner have either ended entirely or can be indulged in, but with an uncertain outcome. No one says quitting is easy, but at least it’s worth a try. Young men avoid fertility problems. Older people will work significantly on their health; their blood vessels and arteries will be better, thus reducing the risk of a heart attack. At the same time, their sexual stamina and overall vitality will improve.

Sometimes a little is enough.

Infertility treatment belongs in the hands of specialists; it is often a long-distance run. But if you have erection problems, don’t be ashamed and don’t break your cane. Sometimes a little is enough, and things are almost miraculously set in motion. Try, for example, certified Fildena 100 or Fildena 150; they are without unpleasant side effects and contain only extracts from selected plants. It is a natural preparation that increases the desire for sex, improves the erection, and allows the man to devote himself to his partner to the full and without fear of failure in bed.

Problem with the occurrence and maintenance of an erection

Some statistics show that if a man smokes 10 cigarettes a day, the risk of erectile dysfunction increases by a quarter, while 20 cigarettes a day increase by up to half. Whether you believe these numbers or not, it is certain that smoking affects the circulatory system and therefore the erection use Fildena 120 or vigora 100 for long erection.

Alcohol also does not help hardening, and unlike cigarettes, in the case of a larger amount, you will see the result of an erection almost immediately. In addition to the risks of its occurrence, you will also have a problem maintaining it, which can prevent any bedtime fun.


Think of all the benefits of stop smoking

Quitting smoking is beneficial regardless of age – but the earlier you quit, the greater the health benefits! By quitting smoking, you can achieve more good life years with less illness and improved quality of life. Just look here:

  • After 72 hours it becomes easier to breathe – enjoy the difference, go for a long walk!
  • After 2 weeks-3 months, the sense of taste and smell is better – you will be able to enjoy good food and drink better than before you quit smoking!
  • After 4-6 months, the risk of blood clots is much less, and ailments such as cough and mucus in the airways will be significantly reduced.
  • After 1 year, the risk of dying from a heart attack is halved.
  • After 10 years, the risk of dying from lung cancer is halved compared to the risk of continuing to smoke.

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