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Simple Procedure For Post Office Savings Account Online Opening

The post office apart from delivering the mails also the best known for offering a wide range of financial services under the department of posts. Yes, these include small savings schemes such as public provident fund and national savings scheme certificate. However, India post office under plenty of savings schemes also offer post office savings account-with or without cheque book facility.
Currently, 37 crores of the pollution are having the savings bank account in the post office. It means savings accounts are among the most popular products. Post office savings account can easily open by cash only. But do you know how much interest rate they offer and what is the minimum balance should have in the account to open? To get all the answers should know their features and benefits after open the site.
A post office savings account can open at any post office with a minimum balance of Rs 20. An individual can deposit a maximum of Rs 1 lakh, on the other hand, joint account holders can deposit a maximum of Rs 2 lakhs. The major features of a post office savings account there is no lock-in or maturity time. Opening an account of this kind is hassle-free anyone can visit the post office or complete the formalities and open an account instantly.
To open post office savings account online should know the eligibility criteria. It’s important to factor and should match with the post office norms otherwise not able to take approval. The adults can apply, through minors with a minimum age of ten years, if you are a minor should use guardian on behalf of that, and two or three adults can open the account. As a KYC should provide identity and address proof. For identity, you can give election card, ration card, passport, driving license, Aadhar card, photo ID card issued by the recognized university. For address electricity bill, telephone bill not more than three months older, bank or post office statement, Aadhar card, passport, and ration card.
Post Office Savings Account Online Opening Attractive Features

  • It can open only by cash
  • You should maintain the minimum balance which should be Rs 50
  • When the account open with Rs 500 cheque facility available
  • Your cheque facility can be taken in an existing account
  • At the time of open the account nomination facility available
  • From one post office to another you can easily transfer your fund
  • In one post office, the one account can open
  • ATM facility available
  • A joint account can convert into a single account and visa versa
  • The minor can apply after attaining majority for conversion of the account in his name

Post Office Savings Account Online Benefits
Cheque Facility: You will get a cheque facility and can be requested for existing account as well.
Nomination: At the time of opening the account, the facility to nominate someone is made available under these accounts.
Electronic Facilities: The customers can make withdrawals and deposits via any electronic mode in CBS.

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