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Tag: Self Lubricating Bearings

plain bearings

The lightweight of using Lubricated plain bearings on your pockets :

Lightweight, low maintenance, High wear, and fatigue resistant with high load-carrying capacity. These are some of the basic yet the most crucial unique points of plain self-lubricating bearing that make them idealistic for various industries such as Air Space, Motor Engines, Automobile Industries, and several other places. The intensive use of these bearings is because they have a self-lubricating property that differentiates them from other bearings that do not require external lubricant. These bearings are impregnated with self and solid lubricant within the sliding layers of the bearing. There are various types of plain bearings, which are mentioned below: Plain or Frictional bearing: Generally known as bushes, solid bearings, and friction bearings, they comprise a cylindrical sh...