Tuesday, June 28

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Work from home is stressful? 6 yoga exercises to counter this issue

Working from home is no less stressful than working from an office. The stress that comes from sitting in front of a computer on a desk for hours can lead to back pain, eyes strain, headaches, and more. The main reason we get so much stress in our backs while working is our terrible posture. It can lead to chronic back issues and other muscle pains. Also, when you work from home, the distractions, the workload, other chores can put you in stress and lead to anxiety. It disrupts your sleep pattern as well, which is never great. The good thing though is that you can get relief from all kinds of stress with a bit of yoga. Doing yoga calms your mind and stretches every part of your body, which helps you let the stress go. But unfortunately, with so much work, finding time to do yoga can be c...