5 Cryptocurrency Research Tools You Should Know

Crypto trading can be complicated if you are new to the industry. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market, and not all are suitable investments. You will need insights to understand which stock to invest in and which to avoid.

Cryptocurrency research tools can help you understand the stock market and make informed decisions. Several trading robots use artificial intelligence and machine learning to organize information about different cryptocurrencies and make sense of them. This article analyzes five cryptocurrency research tools you can use in 2022. 

  • Market trackers

A market tracker is a research tool that provides price updates, trading volume data, and historical performance information. This is an essential tool for crypto traders and investors. You can use Finixio AI to gather information about the market and make informed decisions.

You can use the tools to see the market and compare coins with different categories. For example, you can use market tracking tools to compare the price of various tokens. Popular market tracker tools include CoinGecko, Messari, and Coinmarketcap. These professional research tools offer a deeper look into the market through an aggressive focus on data.

The platforms collect crypto data and analyze charts, allowing you to make better investment decisions. You can find a screener to sort information through filters and look for coin metrics like the price, market cap, and trading volume. Use CoinGecko to get a 360-degree overview of cryptocurrencies and an in-comprehensive crypto market analysis. It provides market starts for social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

  • Data aggregators 

While the market tracker tools give an overview of the market, they don’t tell deeper into the project. You will need the data aggregators to analyze various cryptocurrencies in-depth and draw insight into future performances. Several sites streamline how you receive news from the crypto development team. Use the platform to investigate new assets, manage your portfolio and monitor the market. 

The most popular crypto data aggregators include Glassnode, Coin Metrics, and TradingView. These research tools generate innovative metrics and tools for digital asset stakeholders. They will gather data from multiple blockchains and generate meaningful information from it.

TradingView is a platform that offers comprehensive crypto projects in the industry. It has hundreds of intelligent drawing tools and in-depth market analysis studies covering the most popular trending concepts. You can also find financial analytic tools with data on all the major stock exchanges, like financial statement valuation analysis and historical data.  

You can use these tools to plot technical indicators like price oscillators and absolute strength index for several cryptocurrencies. They can also provide a sneak peek into on-chain metrics like transaction data, hash rate, and gas fees.  

  • Crypto guides and news websites 

Since crypto data can be complex to understand, you may need the help of guides and news websites to provide an in-depth explanation of several crypto projects. You can find crypto guides and news on sites like CoinMarketCap and CoinTelegraph. A professional team of researchers and analysts is bringing a new outlet for breaking news in crypto.

For example, get essential news in the crypto industry delivered straight to your inbox every morning by subscribing to Cointree. You can find important news, including 24-hour price changes, project highlights, and the latest crypto news. Alternatively, you can find a cryptocurrency calendar that tells you about all the upcoming events for the crypto project. 

  • Forums 

Join different forums to meet like-minded investors and crypto traders. You can find social media platforms with abundant information and bitcoin discussions. The platforms use machine learning and artificial intelligence to gather data for social engagement. They then aggregate all this information to give you a top-level overview of the social sentiment for different cultural projects. 

Many social media platforms have information from influential people. For example, most influential players in the crypto space have Twitter accounts. Follow them to gather the knowledge you need to make substantial trading decisions. There are other Reddit pages where investors share their views and opinions on crypto trades. 

In these forums, you can enquire about the products and get responses from community members. You can also learn something from other enthusiasts in the forums. However, make sure you filter the information to avoid scammers. For example, use social media with other resources to verify the information and validate opinions. 

  • Podcasts

Listening to podcasts can help you gain valuable insight into the crypto market. They are experts giving their perspectives on various aspects of the crypto market and industry. Listening to these podcasts lets you learn and understand current events and future operations.

If you are looking for deep insights into the crypto market, podcasts can be your ideal option. Podcasters can provide detailed market data and help you understand popular crypto exchanges deeply. Since the podcast information is auditory, you can easily follow and digest it. You can find plenty of podcasts that make it easy to listen to one that suits your level of comprehension. The most common crypto podcasts include Bankless, Unchained, and The Pomp Podcast. They allow you to dig deep into the industry to get information relevant to your trade. 

Bottom line

If you are new to the crypto market, there’s a long time to learn. Take your time and read quality content across multiple applications and websites before you can start trading. Many tools and resources can help you make better decisions when investing in crypto. These tools can help you learn about specific cryptocurrencies and identify exciting trading opportunities. They will also help improve your knowledge to become an intelligent crypto trader. Most tools provide a deeper look into the market through an aggressive focus on data. 

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