7 Diamond Shapes: What Does Your Diamond Say About Your Personality

7 Diamond Shapes What Does Your Diamond Say About Your Personality
Written by Rahul Pandey

Let’s face it, finding the right ring can be hard. The appearance of different rings can vary so dramatically after all. From different band thicknesses to various metals to different shapes, sizes, and a number of gemstones, finding the perfect ring for yourself is no easy task, especially if you aren’t sure exactly what you want.

However, what usually helps with the process of finding a ring is considering your personality. What many don’t know is that the preferences we have in a piece of jewelry often reflect who we are on the inside. With the costs of real diamond rings being so high, it only makes sense that the ring suits you from the inside out.

With that being said, consider what the following seven diamond shapes say about your personality. If you aren’t sure which diamond shape you enjoy best, read what each section states below, and match the description of your personality to the potential diamond shape that may be best for you.

1.    Oval

Oval rings may not be very common compared to traditional ring styles. However, Hailey Bieber’s famous oval engagement ring given to her by Justin Bieber is making this diamond shape more popular than ever before. Oval diamonds often feature as many facets as round diamonds, offering exquisite shine and beauty.

Those who prefer an oval ring tend to be unique and sophisticated. These folks aren’t afraid to stand out in the crowd or voice their opinion, even if it means they’ll be an outcast. You bet that those who love this shape of a diamond are also very daring, creative, and artistic. These people are trendsetters, not followers.

2.    Princess

Next, to the round brilliant-cut diamond, the princess-cut diamond is the next most popular diamond shape for rings. This shape is common and traditional, yet it offers something a little different from your usual diamond ring. The squared-off shape of the princess ring offers greater detail while still remaining simplistic and conservative.

People who like princess-cut diamonds are usually clever, mature, yet fun. Admirers of princess-cut diamonds have the perfect balance between traditional and modern. While these people are usually more simple, they still like things with detail, without being overcomplicated or intricate. All in all, often they’re very counterbalanced people.

3.    Asscher / Square Emerald

The Asscher or square emerald-cut diamond is a vintage cut that became popular after Carrie Bradshaw from the show, Sex, and the City was seen wearing a ring with this cut. The whopping 74 facets on this diamond shape give this cut great complexity and shine.

If you prefer a square emerald or Asscher cut diamond, you’re generally a detail-oriented person. While others are content with simple things, you enjoy something that’s a little more big, showy, and elaborate. All in all, you tend to be sophisticated, confident, and outgoing.

4.    Heart

Heart-shaped diamonds are very blunt in shape. Everyone knows what a heart-shaped diamond looks like, and it’s clear what this shape resembles: love. That said, anyone considering a heart-shaped ring is usually candid and open, particularly with their emotions and their true intentions.

Additionally, those who love a heart-cut diamond wear their hearts on their sleeves, or in a less figurative manner, wear their hearts on their fingers. They tend to have deep emotions and aren’t shy about letting others know about them. Heart-shaped diamond lovers are also usually very romantic people and take relationships quite seriously.

5.    Emerald

Emerald-cut diamonds, not to be confused with square emerald-cut diamonds, are one of the most unique diamond shapes available on the market to date. This type of diamond shape is different in that it’s rectangular and has few yet large and interesting “steps” or facets that are incomparable to any other diamond shape.

Love an emerald cut? You’re considered a one-of-a-kind individual who has a great balance of masculine and feminine traits. Others may also classify you as hard-working and sophisticated. Based on these characteristics, those who prefer an emerald-cut diamond are typically dependable people and are great role models.

6.    Pear

Pear-shaped diamonds, as the name suggests, look quite similar to a pear fruit or teardrop shape. They’re slightly oval in shape with a tapered, pointy tip. While more exotic in shape, pear-cut diamonds are often smaller in size and, thus, still appear very feminine, modest, and delicate.

People who choose pear-shaped diamonds are typically calm, grateful, humble people who are neither too needy nor too simple. Those who love this diamond-cut are also quite adaptable in life and are generally not too picky no matter what life decisions life throws at them. These people are often providers and are typically very caring people.

7.    Round

Round brilliant-cut diamond rings are very simple in shape. As the name implies, the diamond is cut in a perfect circle. But don’t let the simplicity of its shape fool you. This diamond cut features 57 facets, which helps give it an incredible sparkle. So, while it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, it still is incredibly beautiful and elegant.

Those who prefer a ring with a round diamond are considered traditional, undemanding, and straightforward. While some might consider a round diamond lover “boring,” in reality, they prefer the simple things in life and don’t need a ring that’s complex to be happy. The sparkle alone of the ring is elegant enough for a round ring lover.

Conclusion : We have preferences for a reason. However, when it comes to picking out a ring for ourselves, usually our personality and personal likes and dislikes play a big role in what we end up picking out. When someone looks at your ring, they should automatically have an idea regarding who you are and what you’re like.

In fact, just the shape of the diamond on your ring alone speaks volumes about your personality. That said, whenever you’re looking for the right ring, it’s vital to consider your personality as you make a final decision to ensure you end up with the ring that suits you best.

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