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Uber, the personal transportation giant, has recently appointed its newest CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi. Khosrowshahi was previously the CEO of Expedia and is said to have a strong track record of success. He is seen as an ideal fit to take Uber to the next level. The European transportation market will be a key focus for Khosrowshahi and certain changes can already be seen in the way Uber plans to expanding in the region. In this article, we dive into the ways Khosrowshahi is looking to make a positive impact on Uber’s European operations.

Reviewing Uber’s European Transformation

Since its arrival in Europe around 2011, Uber has grown to become one of the most popular transportation services in many countries. To handle its growth, Khosrowshahi has already begun to make certain changes to the structure of Uber’s European operations.

Trailblazing Autonomous Vehicles

One of the big changes Khosrowshahi has made since becoming CEO has been to trailblaze the autonomous vehicle sector. Autonomous vehicles have been popular in Europe for a while and most major companies in the area are investing in the technology. Khosrowshahi has made it a priority to make sure Uber is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle technology, investing large sums of money into the sector.

Prioritizing Safety

Safety has been one of the big topics of discussion when it comes to Uber’s European operations. To remedy this, Khosrowshahi has prioritized safety as one of his main focuses. He is introducing new safety protocols and looking to ensure that the ride-sharing service is safe for everyone, from the drivers to the passengers.

Expanding to New Markets

With Khosrowshahi at the helm, Uber is also looking to expand its European market share. Much of the focus has been on emerging markets, such as the Eastern European countries. Khosrowshahi is looking to ensure Uber is able to access and capitalize on this untapped market.

Looking to the Future

Khosrowshahi sees a bright future for Uber in the European market, and he has taken numerous steps to ensure this. With Khosrowshahi’s leadership, Uber looks to grow and expand in Europe, leading to even more success in the future.

Improving Connectivity

One of the things that Khosrowshahi sees as essential for Uber’s success in Europe is improving the connectivity of the service. He has focused on improving the Uber app to make sure it runs efficiently in every region that Uber is operating in.

Creating Educational Opportunities

Another initiative Khosrowshahi has put in place is creating educational opportunities for drivers. This is one of the ways he is hoping to encourage drivers to stay loyal to the Uber brand.

Competition From Rivals

Despite Khosrowshahi’s efforts, Uber is still facing stiff competition from rivals in Europe. He is looking to find innovative ways to make sure Uber is still the top choice for riders in the region.

Social Impact Movements

In addition to running a successful business, Khosrowshahi has initiated several social impact movements in Europe. This includes organizing fundraisers and donating money to worthy causes.

Regulatory Challenges

Finally, Khosrowshahi is looking to tackle the regulatory challenges of operating in Europe. He is working with local governments to make sure Uber follows the rules and regulations of each country.


Ultimately, Khosrowshahi is looking to make sure Uber is successful in Europe. So far, he has made numerous positive changes that have made the service more appealing to riders and drivers. He has also taken measures to tackle the regulatory issues and expand the service to new markets. With the right guidance, it is possible that Uber can continue to be a success in Europe.

Related FAQs

Q1. What is the main focus of Uber’s new European CEO?
A1. The main focus of Uber’s new European CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, is to grow and expand Uber’s European market. He is introducing new safety protocols, expanding to new markets, and investing in autonomous vehicle technology.

Q2. What measures is Uber taking to improve its European operations?
A2. Uber is taking measures such as improving the Uber app, creating educational opportunities for drivers, and initiating social impact movements to improve their European operations.

Q3. About ahead uber ceodrozdiakbloomberg.
A3. Dara Khosrowshahi is Uber’s new European CEO, appointed in late 2017. He has a strong track record of success and is seen as the ideal fit to take Uber to the next level in Europe.

Q4. What is the uber ceodrozdiakbloomberg?
A4. Uber appointed Dara Khosrowshahi as its new European CEO in late 2017. He is a strong leader with a proven track record and is working to make sure Uber is successful in Europe.