Benefits of Vaping You Did Not Know

Smoking is injurious to health is a known fact by every teenager and adult but not many have much knowledge about vaping. Many are under the misconception that vaping is as bad as smoking and others assume that vaping is just another smoking habit developed by many as an excuse. While we do not agree with both these statements as our understanding is that vaping is without any doubt better than smoking and it is not an addiction like smoking, just to make it clearer we have listed the true benefits of vaping for our readers to make an informed decision;


The price of tobacco is high due to heavy taxes applied to it and the cost varies across the country. Smoking can be an expensive habit especially for heavy smokers.

You may be thinking that vaping is costlier than cigarettes due to the initial investment on electronic vaping devices but that is a one-time investment. Vapes last longer than cigarettes and refill is also much cheaper than a pack of cigarettes.

Heavy smokers buy multiple packets of cigarettes in a week whereas one bottle of vape will last almost a month which is like spending a fraction of money when compared to traditional smoking.

Multiple Flavors:

Cigarettes come in two flavors, the regular tobacco ones, and the menthol ones but vaping comes in multiple flavors like vanilla, chocolate, menthol, and many fruit flavors. That’s not all, you can mix different flavors and customize your own ones as you like.

Easy Method to Inhale Vitamins and Minerals:

You must be surprised to hear this, but a few vapes have health benefits as well.  Certain specially formulated e-juices contain minerals and vitamins and the best part is that inhaling it means your body gets the essential nutrients quickly instead of taking medicines and waiting for some time before it gets in the system

No Smoke Smell:

One of the main reasons why smoking cigarettes is unappealing is due to the nasty smell of the smoke and the smoke can be so strong that it lingers in your clothes and hands for many hours after smoking. You can easily recognize a regular smoker when you cross him or her due to this smell.

Switching to vape will eliminate this smell as vaping does not give out such strong smells

Helps Control Nicotine Intake:

Tobacco cigarette contains nicotine which is extremely unhealthy. The worst part is you have no control over the amount of nicotine you are inhaling.

This limitation is eliminated while vaping as you can order the vape juices and choose the percentage of nicotine in each one of them.  This way you can gradually decrease the amount of nicotine you consume, and this helps with getting rid of nicotine addiction. Switching to vaping if you are regular smoker can help you eliminate the addiction.

Socially Acceptable:

Due to no foul smell, vaping is preferred in social gatherings over traditional cigarettes. As vaping does not produce smoke like a traditional cigarette does, the risk of passive smoking is minimal hence switching to vaping may make you look classier and considerate in your community.

Vaping is not just for people who want to quit smoking, but it is also for many others who wish to enjoy the relaxation benefits of vaping. While smokers may switch to vaping to reduce the nicotine content gradually and fall out of the addiction, non-smokers can buy organic vape juices with no nicotine content from Lucy Vapor Pens to enjoy multiple health benefits.