Broad Spectrum Benefits of Hemp Extract

Elixinol hemp oil is famously known as a broad-spectrum hemp extract that is derived from a unique plant with medicinal properties. This plant is Cannabis sativa, from which many variants of broad-spectrum hemp extract are derived. Elixinol hemp oil, elixinol hemp extract and full spectrum hemp extract are all derived from this plant. Elixinol hemp oil is another derivation of this plant that is extracted from its seeds. 
Hemp is closely related to the marijuana plant since both of these happen to be members of the cannabis family. In many parts of the world, hemp has been grown as a versatile crop for decades. It is grown in regular circulation due to its increasing use in industries like textiles, manufacturing, paper, and medicine. 
Full-spectrum hemp extract also comes from the humble hemp plant, all parts of which can be used effectively. It is an easy plant to work with since it grows easily and has a wide range of uses. It also happens to be a high yield crop and offers substantial profit to those who grow it. Its convenience in terms of growth also means that it helps counter-act deforestation and erosion. 
Apart from its obvious use in elixinol hemp oil, it is also widely used to create the following products and by-products: 
Hemp Creams
Hemp creams are essentially products of the beauty industry. These creams, which are infused with small quantities of hemp oil or hemp extract, are used for both aesthetic as well as medicinal purposes. Since hemp has a lot of amino acids, using a hemp-extract cream can help delay ageing when used religiously. It also helps reduce skin irritation and helps keep skin supple. Such a cream can also be used topically as a pain reliever. 
Hemp Lotions
Hemp lotion is a slightly thinner version of a hemp cream. It has a high level of amino acids that help nourish and hydrate the skin, thereby keeping it soft and supple. It can be used all over the body to moisturize the skin.
Hemp Tinctures
A tincture is a concentrated herbal elixinol hemp extract that is derived slowly from a plant over a period of a couple of weeks. While extracting it, alcohol can also be used to improve the process. While tinctures are highly concentrated and are known to be very potent, they can be safely used. 
Hemp CBD Powder
Hemp CBD powder is a new type of superfood that is gaining popularity with its users. This powder, agani derived from the hemp plant, is known to be high in protein, fibre, healthy fats, amino acids, and other trace elements essential for health. It is also gaining a following with those trying to follow a vegan lifestyle and works as a great nutritional supplement. 
Pure CBD powder is a little different and is known as a hemp isolate. It is very concentrated and can be used as a health supplement. It is also available in the form of pre-dosed capsules for easy consumption.