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Buying CBD Oil Online: Know the Tips

Buying CBD Oil Online
Written by Christine Carter

Buying CBD Oil Online Infographic

You might end up buying poor quality CBD Oil or a fake product if you do not do the due diligence beforehand. As the marketplace is unregulated, many sellers try to sell poor quality CBD Oils by pushing through mind provoking advertisements. So, you should know the tips of buying good quality CBD oil online.

The infographic on this page helps you to figure out the essential things you should watch out before you purchase & stay informed online, and to make sure you get the best possible CBD oil.

Check Out Lab Test Results

You need to ascertain the quality as well as the purity of the CBD Oil you wish to buy. A good way of doing that is to check out whether the oil is tested in a third-party lab. If tested, the lab test results will be available on the website. Check out the results and ascertain the quality as well as purity.

Make Sure it is Not Hemp Seed Oil

Oil, extracted from the leaves and seeds of the hemp plant, is different. While hemp leaves contain cannabinoids, such as CBD, the seeds of the plant do not. So, when you buy CBD Oil, make sure it is not hemp seed oil. 

Check Out THC Content

The THC content in CBD Oils is a very important factor, and you should check that out. In the UK, the maximum permissible THC content in CBD Oil is 0.02%, beyond which the product becomes illegal. So, ensure that the THC content is within the legal limit.

Avoid Low Priced CBD Oil

Since CBD Oil production is an expensive affair, prices of the oil are always high. So, avoid buying CBD Oil from sellers who sell at lower prices as that could be either fake or with very little CBD content.


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