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Get the best out of your Drum Kit! In this article, we are going to explore how to record a drum kit with techniques proved by experts in the field, using professional recording microphones.  Because of the number of components that make up a drum kit we have to approach the mic placement and selection going through each component, from the bass drum (or kick drum) to the snare, hi-hat, toms, overhead and room.  Rule N°1: There are no Rules. …

What Are Some Good Tips For Playing Guitar (1)

What Are Some Good Tips For Playing Guitar

The guitar is one of the most well-renowned instruments across the world. It has been used for almost all types of music. The guitar has made a huge cultural impact on our society. Often, people consider the guitar to be one of the toughest instrument and find it difficult to play but do you think that it is really challenging? By going through the given below tips you can learn how to play guitar easily and more efficiently. Maintain the…

chord balasan korban janji

Take A Look At Importance Of Chords For Beginners

In the world, no one is beautiful than music. Moreover, it is the best way to convey the message also. Do you know? Music can express more than the words can’t. In fact, it is the best feeling. The feeling can’t be express in a simple way. So, feel the music and love to play the guitar. The guitar is the best musical instruments among others. It is because; the chords are the main reason for the popularity of the…

Encourage your talent through the best guitar lessons in Brooklyn

Encourage your talent through the best guitar lessons in Brooklyn

If you or your child have a passion of playing any musical instrument, it must be encouraged. The passion and talent within you must not be wasted at any cost. There is a difference in pursuing something professionally and doing it casually. The ones who want to be professionals must have the right kind of training and supervision along with the right kind of attitude to learn. They must have patience as well because learning something new professionally takes some…

Why Earphone Had Been So Popular Till Now

Why Earphone Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Earphones and headphones are very essential entertainment equipment of modern era. If you are living you are listening to music. The sounds of music is floating in the air and causing resonance with the latent emotion of our hearts. Not to sound too mushy, still it is a fact that our lives are entangled with music. For music lovers and sound workers, earphones and headphones are vital components to their everyday needs. Whether you are listing to the Caribbean Blues…

Know About Rock Bands

Know About Rock Bands

Rock Bands The importance of music can not be neglected in our lives. paying attention to your favorite track when a effortful day will positively amendment your mood and refresh your mind. Thusly, rock bands have gained importance within the same method. These bands do an incredible job of creating the lives of individuals gratifying and spirited. Everybody has its favorite rock group United Nations agency he/she needs to concentrate on once everything gets therefore tired and tousled. These prime…