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Cheap Kitchen Splashbacks- Keeping the Wall Pretty

Cheap Kitchen Splashbacks- Keeping the Wall Pretty
Written by Nivi Watson

The kitchen is probably the favorite as well as the most important part of anybody in their home. No other room receives the same attention and planning as the kitchen. We use stoves, ovens, microwaves, air fryers and many other items to cook and all that overtime leaves some not-so-tantalizing residue behind in our kitchens. If it weren’t for kitchen splashbacks, you could probably tell, just by looking at wall of your kitchen, what was made for last Christmas.

What Is A Kitchen Splashback?

A kitchen splashback is kind of a cover or shield that is placed directly behind the various items in our kitchen to catch splashback of various fluids, microdroplets, oil, grease etc. The material used for making cheap kitchen splashbacks makes it easy to clean so that in the process of saving your wall, you don’t ruin the splashback.

What Is Cheap Kitchen Splashbacks Made Up of And What Would Be the Best Material?

Kitchen splashbacks can be made with a variety of materials. These include- polished wood, glass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, stone, Corian etc. You have the freedom to choose the type of splashback you want. Usually, they are highly customizable and specific cuts can be made to accommodate switchboards, circuit points, wires, knobs etc. The splashbacks can also be specifically designed to suit the general layout and color tone of your kitchen.

The sky is literally the limit while laying out a plan for installation of these cheap kitchen splashbacks. The most affordable splashbacks would probably be made from wood, aluminum, ceramic or acrylic. These can be customized to suit your liking and can give a great look to your kitchen. This tiny process will completely revamp your kitchen and rejuvenate your spirit.

What Should I Know Before Getting Kitchen Splashbacks?

1. Budget– Kitchen splashbacks can be very expensive. Be clear on what your expenditure should be and plan accordingly. Going for cheap kitchen splashbacks won’t affect the result significantly.

2. Maintenance– Kitchen splashbacks aren’t magical. They protect but even they need some protection. Regular maintenance is key to a long and sustained running of splashbacks. Use non-corrosive cleaners and clean regularly.

3. Don’t Buy Readymade Splashbacks– Everybody’s kitchen is different and hence splashbacks would have to be modified and customized accordingly. A ready-made one won’t be the best fit.

How Much Do Cheap Kitchen Splashbacks Cost?

This totally depends on the type of splashback you go for. A glass splashback will cost you $450-$600 per square meter. Acrylic ones are about third the price of glass and tiles are for approximately $25-250 per square meter. If you go for the more aesthetic and fancy materials like stones, you may have to shell a couple of thousand bucks.

Where Can You Find Cheap Kitchen Splashbacks?

Almost every store will have a wide range of selections for splashbacks. Decide beforehand what you want and go them browse the aisles and catalogs. Take no worry about consulting the employees there for opinions and suggestions.

Deciding what the best material for your kitchen is more of a personal choice and it depends on what you expect out of the job. Whether you just want to save your walls, or you want an aesthetic radiance or a combination. It also depends on the extent of your budget.

Obviously, some premium materials are more expensive than the cheap kitchen splashbacks. Interestingly, you can also make you own splashbacks for a fraction of the cost. You can let free your creativity and make it the way you truly desire. You’ll also find plenty of wonderful ideas on sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

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