4 Ways to Expand Your Software Development Team

4 Ways to Expand Your Software Development Team

For a long time, software businesses have been expanding their branches. Because of the epidemic, most professionals have decided to move their operations online. Multiple outcomes from this internet business have increased the team size for any software development-based organization.

In this situation, you’d start with the recruiting procedure, which may lengthen the project’s timeline. As a result, knowing how to expand a software development team in 2022 is critical.

Ways to Increase the Size of Your Software Development Team

Outsource Software Development

Allowing a dedicated software development team of engineers to handle part of your software development activities is what outsourcing implies. Organizations may outsource anywhere, particularly when the goal is to do more in a shorter amount of time.

You will save money since developer salaries are much lower in underdeveloped nations. As a result, you may recruit additional workers by taking advantage of the exchange rate. Outsourcing to expand your IT staff is a collaboration, not a way to hire cheap labor. You will have to entrust a portion of your business, as well as intellectual property, to an offshore crew.

The outsourced developer organization is responsible for completing your project on schedule and within the agreed-upon price. Outsourcing has several advantages, whether you are seeking to grow up or bring in fresh research and development ideas. You will not only accomplish greater development at a lower cost, but you will also arrive in the software market early enough to capture some market share.


Outstaffing entails increasing your development capability by hiring the necessary number of skilled IT professionals.

You recruit them via an outstaffing service provider. You sign a contract with a vendor in exchange for remote experienced ready-made specialists for a certain amount of time.

They operate on a contract basis, free of any HR administrative and legal responsibilities. Recruiting, training processes, payroll, accounting, decreased fixed expenses, and motivation are among them. You are in charge of team management, team structure, and task distribution for all team members. Direct contact with understaffed employees results in very productive teamwork and excellent results.

Freelance Developers

This is the most cost-effective and time-efficient method of team expansion. At the same time, the model’s inherent shortcomings often cancel out any potential benefits. Even though freelance work has increased as a result of the shutdown, freelancers continue to have an ambiguous legal position.

Because freelancers are self-employed, they have lower expenditures than businesses, hence dumping is prevalent. Freelancers are mainly lone nomads, and it seems impossible to build a well-coordinated team of 10-20 independent freelancers.

In-House Hiring

Simply defined, this extended software team development strategy entails adding a necessary skill set to an existing development team while retaining a company’s organizational structure and keeping all strategic skills in-house. When a minor team expansion is required, most organizations choose in-house recruiting.

In-house recruiting is the best strategy for better management, easier communication, and a great team atmosphere. It enables team members to collaborate while working side by side, making it simpler to manage workflow and monitor all work processes from a single location. Furthermore, it facilitates communication. Finally, in-house recruiting with an on-premise software development team produces a more favorable work environment and assists managers in promoting a collaborative workplace.

In-house recruiting is not an option if you do not have a sufficient budget to run an extended development team model and do not have time for a protracted hiring procedure. The average income for a software developer in the United States is $120,000 per year, according to Zippia. Furthermore, since labor rules protect them, canceling their contract might be difficult.


An excellent software development company may really remove all of your worries and operate in a professional manner to complete a project with the highest accuracy and quality. To do so, though, you must first determine which strategy works best for you.

Because of the model’s high efficiency, most businesses nowadays would propose outsourcing professional software engineers. After all, no one wants to spend through the end of the day training and micromanaging their resources when the task can be completed with minimum effort.