Gracie Calaway: Everything You Need to Know About The Undertaker’s Daughter

Gracie Calaway: Everything You Need to Know About The Undertaker's Daughter

Gracie Calaway, born on May 15, 2005, in Austin, Texas, USA, is the youngest daughter of the legendary wrestler Mark William Calaway, popularly known as The Undertaker. With her father’s immense success and popularity in the wrestling world, Gracie Calaway has often been in the spotlight. In this blog, we will delve into the details of Gracie Calaway’s background, including her family, age, mother, siblings, and her father’s current status. So, let’s explore everything you need to know about Gracie Calaway, the daughter of The Undertaker.

Gracie Calaway’s Background:

Gracie Calaway was born into a celebrity family as the daughter of The Undertaker, a seven-time heavyweight champion and one of the most iconic wrestlers in the history of the sport. Her mother’s name is Sara Caraway, also known as Sara Chirie Frank. The Undertaker and Sara Caraway got married in 2000 but divorced in 2007 after six years of marriage. Sara Caraway was also involved in the wrestling industry as a wrestling valet and a wrestler. Gracie Calaway has an elder sister named Chasey Calaway, who was born in November 2002.

Gracie Calaway’s Father’s Current Status:

The Undertaker, after his divorce from Sara Caraway, has since remarried. He is currently married to Michelle McCool, who is also a wrestler, and they tied the knot in 2010. The Undertaker occasionally shares pictures of his wife and their daughter on his social media pages, indicating that he is enjoying his time with his family.

Gracie Calaway’s Age and Siblings:

As of now, Gracie Calaway is 18 years old, born on May 15, 2005. She has an elder sister named Chasey Calaway, who is 20 years old, born in November 2002. Both sisters are said to be very close to each other, and despite growing up in the limelight due to their father’s fame, they prefer to live a simple life away from the public eye.

Gracie Calaway’s Net Worth:

Being the daughter of a successful wrestler like The Undertaker, Gracie Calaway was born into a privileged family. Her father has a net worth of $17 million, with various profitable investments and partnerships over the years. He is also a business partner in real estate and owns a significant property in Austin, Texas, where he lives with his family. Gracie Calaway is likely to inherit a substantial amount of wealth from her father, ensuring a comfortable life for her.


Gracie Calaway, the daughter of The Undertaker, is a young woman who has grown up in the shadow of her father’s fame. Despite being born into a celebrity family, she prefers to live a simple life away from the limelight. With a loving family, including her father, mother, sister, and step-siblings, Gracie Calaway is carving her own path. As she continues to grow and mature, we can only wait and see what the future holds for this young woman who has wrestling in her genes.