Here Is What Moving Companies Do

Hiring moving companies can be pretty costly, especially if you want to sign up for the full range of services offered by them. But then again, moving is no simple task and isn’t just limited to moving around bulky items and transporting them. And that’s the very reason why hiring movers isn’t all that cheap. If you are wondering what moving companies do, they basically offer all-inclusive services such as packing, loading, arranging stuff to be shifted, etc. In addition to that, they also sometimes provide additional services such as cleaning and storage services.
What Do Moving Companies Do
As mentioned before, professional movers can manage all tasks related to your move so that you will not even have to lift a finger. And for this very reason, people are willing to spend money on movers. Otherwise, managing everything on your own can turn out to be a nightmare. Here is a small list of things that moving companies do.
Taking Inventory
First of all, moving companies will go through everything you want to be moved with you. This way, it’s easier for them to keep track of everything they are supposed to transport and plan accordingly. Usually, companies hand out an itemized inventory list, which includes the type, number, and condition of your items. 
Packing Items
Professional moving companies also supply all the required materials such as boxes, paper, packing tape, blanket, padding, and bubble wrap to ensure all items are packed properly. Moreover, if you have signed up for all the services, they will also likely pack all your stuff for you. Packing isn’t a straightforward task and is best left to professionals, especially when it comes to fragile and valuable things.
Disassembling Furniture 
Another daunting task that full-service movers will handle is the disassembly of furniture and appliances. This means that they will also reassemble your belongings for you when they reach the destination. 
Most moving companies also provide storage units so that you can stash away some of your items until you make up your mind about receiving them or discarding them.
Loading and Unloading 
Professional moving companies are also responsible for loading all your items on to the truck and unloading them when the time comes. Their staff is trained to handle bulky items, and they also have all the required equipment such as dollies and sliders to ensure the safe loading and unloading of furniture and appliances. Additionally, they might even secure your items with things such as special moving mats, clamps, locks, and straps. 
Transporting Your Stuff
Your movers will also be responsible for transporting your stuff, and you will be given a delivery window so that you know when your belongings are expected at the destination. They also track the shipment to keep you updated regarding its status. 
When your stuff arrives at the destination, full-service movers will also unpack the items and also help you arrange everything.
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