How To Be A Bohemian Chic? Dressing Tips Below

Are you looking to infuse the Bohemian elements into your wardrobe? If yes, then here are styling ideas. However, the list I am proving is not conclusive. You can add up every little detail to your overall output, so take a clue and build on it.
Long Maxi Dress
Bohemian evening gowns alone offer you myriad options to give your wardrobe a Boho-touch. Either choose prints like paisley, geometric, and floral, or go for plain eclectic patterns, and define your look further.
Short Dresses
A handloom flowing dress or a short kaftan makes for a perfect boho-chic outfit. Go for cotton or linen fabric and team it up with oxidized silver jewelry, pom-pom accessories, and nude boots.
Long Skirts
Team up your long paisley or floral printed long skirt with a plain tank top or geometric-pattern T-shirt tied around your waist. To add more boho-drama, wear a head wrap or hat, and maybe a pair of boots if you wish.
Maxi Skirts
If you are new to Bohemian bandwagon and want to take a slow step ahead, then start with the maxi skirts. Knotted maxi skirt style is latest in the market that makes a perfect option for hippie style clothing.
Harem Pants/Hippie Pants
Harem and Dhoti pants are all those fun choices that truly speak boho. Pair these pants with a tank top, printed scarf, a bandana, loose wavy curls, and a hippie handbag.
Boho-Chic Tops
Long flowy and ruffled sleeves, paisley printed tank tops, plaid shirts tied at waist, pom-pom tunics with maxi skirts or harems translate to a perfect hippie clothing.
Bohemian Style Evening Dresses
Bohemian evening gowns and dresses are very different to the usual trends. So, when a boho chic thinks of an evening dress, it is more often not a typical LBD or sparkly outfit. Anything flowy, long and printed, or cascading fit the hippie fashion bill perfectly.
Flared Or Patchwork Patterned Jeans
Jeans with intricate patterned patchwork, flare and frays comes under the umbrella of boho fashion. Pair it with a plain shirt, tunic or top and carry a scarf for giving your attire extra layers.
Bohemian Printed Kurtis
There is so much to experiment with bohemian printed kurtis. Go for a handloom kurti in ancient style prints and trendy gladiator sandals. Needless to mention, add statement jewelry.
Printed jumpsuits are a comfortable way to look a boho-chic every day without trying too hard. Braided hairstyle with a bandana and an apt amount of bronzer and eye makeup is enough to take your boho-look to the next level.
Denim Or Fur Jackets
Add a denim or fur jacket to your bohemian outfits to make your style just too perfect. Preferably, choose a denim jacket with patchwork, suzani embroidery, etc.
Gladiator Sandals
Gladiators sandals are the perfect accessory to wear with your hippie outfit, especially those with the pom-poms. For short dresses, wear gladiators of knee length, and for long outfit, pick one with ankle length.
Bandanas Or Floral Hair Accessories
Bandanas are another addition to hippie style that has greatly made its way into fashion. Not only does it help you with your bad hair days, but lend you an effortless boho look as well.
Hippie Handbags
Leather bags with distressed edges, Afghani Kutch work bags, and nude or brown huge wallets add up to your boho look. Pair this type of bags with your hippie dresses- it cannot get anymore boho and chic!
Tribal And Chunky Jewelry
Bohemian style is simply incomplete without jewelry. Oxidized necklace, big finger rings, and a silver nose pin- Pair these with your outfit, and see the difference it makes to your overall look.
Oversized Sunglasses
Oversized sunglasses are so in right now, and these bring in the boho vibe too. You can pair it with your bohemian outfit to rock the look.
I hope these tips will help you bring out your inner boho-diva. Let me know how you liked the blog in the comments below.