Living Room Wall Decor Ideas For Modern Or Classic Look

Living Room Wall Decor ideas

Your living room is one of the most visited places inside your house, and it is considered by many as the most special one, which is why you need to make it comfortable and refreshing. 

Decorating your living room, particularly the walls, can help you out a lot in making it comfortable and refreshing, and we know that it’s not an easy thing to do, which is why we are here to help you out.

Below, we are going to list down some amazing living room wall decor ideas that can help you make your living room look nice!

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas:

  • Mount Your Television 

If you want to go with modern living room decor ideas, then the first thing that you need to do is mount your television to the wall. Adding a television in your living room or mounting your television to your wall can help you free up a lot of space and enhance your wall. 

Tip: Try to buy Samsung’s Frame TV if you have the budget. This television has a feature that allows you to set certain paintings as your wallpaper.

Living Room Wall Decor

  • Go With Multiple Colors

If you want to make your living room more vibrant, try to repaint your walls. Most of the time, a living room has 3 to 4 walls, so if you’re planning to make it vibrant, try to paint each wall with a different color. This can help you out a lot in decorating your walls without actually having to put anything on it. 

  • Photo Wall 

If you’re a family guy, this one’s a must for you. Try to have a wall in your living room that has all of your most memorable pictures. From the images of you when you were little to the images of your parents and your little ones or even your wife/husband’s family. 

Tip: If you have black walls, buy frames that have white backgrounds. This can help you have a black and white theme. 

Living Room Wall Decor

  • Wallpaper For Classic Design 

If plain colors on walls are not your thing, then we would suggest you use wallpapers instead. In case you are planning to go for a formal living room, then going with traditional wallpaper patterns such as toile, classic flowers, and damask are amazing. You can then add a couple of antiques along with the wallpaper and you’re good to go! 

  • Add Artwork 

Adding artwork in your living room can help you out a lot in making it more comfortable and vibrant, especially if you, your family, and your friend circle are into it. In case you want something personal, then we would suggest you to add a couple of paintings that you or your family have made. 

Living Room Wall Decor

  • Mirrors 

If you’re into aesthetics and posting a lot of pictures on social media, then we would suggest you to add mirrors inside your living room. In case you have an empty wall, add a mirror that would fit on it perfectly and would compliment the design that you are trying to go with. 

  • Add Shelves

Have a mounted television in your living room and there’s a lot of space around it? Try adding some shelves! Adding shelves around your television, particularly open ones, can help you make your walls look more full.

You can add your favorite books, have a place for your movie collection, or can put some memorabilia over the shelves!

Living Room Wall Decor ideas

  • Let Your Kids Paint Over The Wall 

Looking for something that would have a personal feel or touch? Why not allow your kids to paint all over your walls for the living room wall decor ideas

If you want something personal in your living room, we would suggest you allow your kids to paint all over your walls. Allow them to become creative and just let your kids be kids!

  • Add A Neon Sign 

Adding a neon sign in your living room is also a good idea, and would be the best addition if you have a pretty big living room.

Adding a neon sign can help you brighten up your living room, especially if you are going with a classic theme. Just make sure that you’re going with a neon sign that’s not too bright and is not that dim. Also, try to go with a sign that would match the colors of your living room’s walls! 

Living Room Wall Decor

  • A Big Clock

Having a big clock in your living room’s wall is a good decor idea, especially if you’re trying to go with a modern design. We would suggest you to add the big clock over your mounted television or just over the television that you have in your living room.

Did we miss out on anything above? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below!