Oral (Mouth) Cancer treatment decisions: Few Major points to help you decide

Are you (or anyone) you love diagnosed with Oral cancer? Your brain is fired with a lot of emotions for your body could process shock, stress, and even depression and anxiety. Being in such an emotional imbalance brings the question, how can you possibly make the best treatment choice. Well, that’s what we are here for! Below you will find some points to consider to make the best Oral Cancer treatment decisions-
1. The first thing in a fair oral cancer treatment regime is keeping your priorities straight. Remember the first battle with cancer is the one within you. You need to firmly establish some facts about how your treatment will go. Here are some of those points-
2. The first thing would be the amount of information, how much information you need and how much you want to listen. Some patients don’t want to get into the details. They keep a friend or family member close by to do that for them.
3. The next thing is who would be the decision maker. Where some people are captain of their own ship others want someone else to take up the mantle. In some cases, it’s the doctor, a family member or a merger between doctor’s decisions and yours.
4. Now you need to take the spotlight. Remember it’s your life and your decision don’t let anyone pressurize you for a treatment you don’t feel comfortable with.
5. Setting Goals- Setting goals depend on what stage of oral cancer you are in, your age, health, and other things. Here are three prime goals you might want to keep-

  • Maybe you were diagnosed early and are in the first stage of this malignant disease. Then the first thing you mind conjures is a cure, which is possible. So, depending upon your stage cure should always be the first goal.
  • The next goal comes at a much later stage or post-treatment regime. Now you just want to control or shrink the disease. This goal works for people who didn’t find the cure and now just want to contain it.
  • The last goal is unfortunately for higher stages of cancer. People whose condition is worsening and no treatment option is bearing fruit. These people now just want comfort in their life, and that’s the stage.

6. The last thing for deciding the right Treatment for Mouth Cancer is comparing the risk and side effects with the possibilities of a healthy life. Also, keep your finances clear in your mind before opting for any treatment option.