Roeper on Oscars 2024: Triumphs, Snubs, Wishlist

Roeper on Oscars 2024: Triumphs, Snubs, Wishlist

In a comprehensive analysis of the 2024 Academy Award nominations, seasoned movie critic Richard Roeper dissects the highs and lows of this year’s contenders, sharing his predictions for potential winners and highlighting unexpected omissions.

Top Nominated Films: “Oppenheimer,” “Poor Things,” and “Killers of the Flower Moon” Lead the Pack

With a commanding 13 nominations, “Oppenheimer” emerges as the frontrunner, closely followed by “Poor Things” with 11 nods and “Killers of the Flower Moon” securing 10. Notably, the much-discussed “Barbie” enters the race with eight nominations, sparking conversations about its place in various categories.

Roeper’s Predictions: Gladstone, “Oppenheimer,” and Downey Jr. on the Victory Path

Richard Roeper expresses confidence in certain victories, particularly praising Lily Gladstone as the first Native American nominated for Best Actress. Roeper predicts a well-deserved win for Gladstone, anticipating a heartwarming standing ovation for the accomplished actress.

“Oppenheimer” stands out as Roeper’s pick for Best Picture, citing its quality and the directorial prowess of Christopher Nolan as the winning formula for success. Additionally, Roeper confidently predicts Robert Downey Jr. to clinch the Best Actor award for his role in the film, marking a significant career achievement for the acclaimed actor.

Notable Snubs and Surprises: Female Talent Overlooked in “Barbie”

While discussing the darker side of nominations, Roeper points out some striking omissions. Greta Gerwig, overlooked for directing “Barbie,” and Margot Robbie snubbed for her acting in the same film, lead Roeper to humorously comment on the irony of a movie addressing male patriarchy achieving box office success while key female contributors go unnoticed.

One positive surprise highlighted by Roeper is America Ferrera’s supporting actress nomination for her role in “Barbie.” He acknowledges the unpredictability of nominations once an actor is in contention, emphasizing Ferrera’s impactful performance.

Roeper’s Personal Wishlist and Guilty Pleasure: “Barbie” Wins Stir Controversy

In a lighter moment, Roeper shares his guilty pleasure and personal wishlist for the Oscars. He speculates about potential uproar if “Barbie” were to secure wins, drawing parallels to controversies surrounding Taylor Swift at a football game. Roeper admits to a certain curiosity and amusement at the prospect of witnessing such reactions.

As the Oscars approach, Richard Roeper’s insights provide a nuanced perspective on the 2024 nominations, offering a mix of expected victories and surprising twists that will undoubtedly keep movie enthusiasts and industry followers on the edge of their seats.