How to study for your JEE Advanced examination

Once you have cleaned the JEE mains, the next step is to prepare for JEE Advanced. If you have scored adequate marks in your JEE Mains and the same in your class XII board examinations then you might be shortlisted for the JEE Advanced.
Here are a few tips that will help you crack the JEE Advanced exam:

  1. Mathematics will make it or break it for you. To make it through the exams, the students need a strong conceptual base and skills along with a good aptitude to solve the lengthy calculations that are a characteristic of these exams.
  2. Every type of question should be practiced. The best online coaching for iit jee cannot help you unless you go home and brush up on your basics. Starting from subjective type questions to short answer type questions, both need ample amount of practice to build up accuracy and speed.

Important topics that you simply cannot miss out on:

  1. Chemistry: Devote ample amount of time to general principles of organic chemistry and numerical of physical chemistry. These topics are not only scoring but also easy to understand. Inorganic chemistry needs constant revision because of the ample amount of facts it carries.
  2. Physics: Thermodynamics, Modern physics, Optics, Heat. However, the two most important topics are Electrodynamics and Mechanics.
  3. Mathematics: When it comes to solving complex numbers, Coordinate geometry and Vectors can help you out greatly. Calculus and Trigonometry is required everywhere and Probability is solved with the help of Permutation and Combinations. This shows how every subject in mathematics is related to another in some way or the other. Hence mastering the interrelationship between various topics is of utmost importance.

The JEE main exam is based on the CBSE exam syllabus, however, there are many topics that you need to completely exclude from your preparation. The following exclusions are mentioned below:

  1. Physics: Principles of Communication Systems, Magnetism and Matter, Electronic Devices, (Semiconductors and solids) and electromagnetic waves.
  2. Mathematics: Mathematics reasoning, Statistics, Mathematical induction and Linear inequality.

Work smarter not harder:
To crack the exam you cannot study anything and everything. When you join online iit jee coaching classes you’ll understand that there are
Given above are the options which you can exclude and given below are the Mathematics topics that will allow you to understand where you should place your focus on:

  1. For Mathematics you should pay an ample amount of attention to 3D and Vectors. A lot of times the ISC syllabus doesn’t cover vectors so it’s important that you study the same for the advanced level. Study of past papers shows that Integral Calculus and Definite Integral and Complex Numbers are important topics that make up the papers. It’s important that all these topics are known to you like the back of your hand because they help in saving a lot of time.
  2. You can use graphs to solve algebra functions. Not only will this make you solve problems faster but will also make sure that they are correct.
  3. When it comes to coordinate geometry, learn to break tougher questions into simple basic equations so that you don’t go wrong. Make sure you have a thorough knowledge of the different conic sections.

Preparing for your exam in a segregated way like this will make sure that you crack the JEE Advanced level.