The Best Delta 8 And Food Pairing

The Best Delta 8 And Food Pairing

Most delta lovers have been looking for different ways to enjoy their favorite strains. Taking delta 8 directly either through vaping, chewing the edible, or applying the tropical oils on your skin is a better way to experience its effects. However, pairing delta 8 with your favorite meal is one of the most amazing ways to enjoy it.

This article will explore some of the best food to pair with delta 8 THC.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Before digging deeper into the various foods to pair with delta 8, let’s first understand what it is and why it is one of the most common delta 8 among cannabis enthusiasts. Delta 8 THC is a natural chemical compound found in small traces of cannabis plants. Delta 8 THC is legal in most of the states in the United States since it’s extracted from hemp-driven CBD, which is also legal. Compared to delta THC strains such as delta 9, delta 8’s THC level is low, hence its legality.

In particular, delta 8 doesn’t taste good. It is tasteless and has some slight bitterness on the tip of the tongue once consumed. The flavor of delta 8 comes from the terpenes. However, the terpenes are removed while making it, giving it a mild taste. This is the reason why most manufacturers try to add terpenes into the finished product as a way to restore the natural flavor. A better way to deal with this mild and bitter taste for beginners and enthusiasts is to pair your best meal with delta 8 products.

There is a variety of delta 8 products, such as edibles, gummies, delta 8 topical, and delta 8 oil. Using these products, especially the delta 8 edibles and oil, you can pair them with your favorite meal and still experience it’s amazing effects. You can click here to visit and shop high quality products.

Here Are the Best Foods To Pair With Your Favorite Meal

1. Chocolates And Caramels

One way to balance the overwhelming flavor of Delta 8 is to pair it with your favorite chocolate. Delta 8 edibles can blend well with chocolates without interfering with their psychoactive effects. You can add some texture by blending it with chopped nuts and chocolate chips to disguise the flavor further. Brownies are just the perfect way to enjoy your delta 8 edibles.

Similarly, both creamy and rosemary caramels are a better way to hide the delta 8 flavor in the pool of other sweet flavors. If you are not good at candy-making, you can make caramel sauce with delta 8 infused butter which will be the perfect route for taking all delta 8 edibles.

2. Spicy Dishes

Spicy dishes such as curry and ginger can be excellent in canceling the bitter flavor of delta 8. You can consider options such as ginger molasses cookies, herbal tomato soup, or any other spicy food you will enjoy. Spicy dishes also have higher fat content and hence help to improve the psychoactive effect of your delta, which at the same time complements the terpenes to hide and boost the flavor.

3. Fatty foods

Fatty foods such as cheese, butter, cheesy dips, potatoes, and aioli, among others, are the most excellent vessels to enjoy your delta 8. While preparing these fatty dishes, you can use the delta 8 oil instead of the regular oil or butter. Further, you can also go the extra mile by adding some additional herbs such as rosemary and seasonings to hide the taste of delta 8.

4. Mangoes

Mangoes contain a high level of myrcene terpenes which works well with the THC in delta 8 to boost its psychoactive effect. The endocannabinoid system reacts with the THC in Delta 8 and the myrcene terpenes in the mango to make the psychoactive effects last longer and hit faster and more robustly. You can blend mangoes with your favorite delta 8 product, especially the edibles, or you can consume a mango a few minutes after eating the edible.

5. Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the most common snacks. If you are a delta 8 enthusiast, you don’t have to be convinced that ice cream is one of the perfect pairs to always think of. You can also consider other toppings such as gummies, pastries, and sauces with ice cream. 

6. Green and black tea

Compounds in black and green tea react well with the endocannabinoid system, which already responds effectively with the THC, stimulating some extra peaceful and relaxed feeling. You can pair green or black tea with your favorite edible or take it a few minutes before consuming the edibles. This is the perfect way of increasing the potency and the duration of the psychoactive effect of the delta 8 THC. Further, you can also consider taking infused teas as a way to enjoy your THC effect at the same time.  

7. Broccoli

You can also consume Delta 8 edibles with broccoli. Broccoli works well with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain; hence, you will experience the undiluted effects of delta 8.

Wrapping up

There are a variety of recipes you can pair with delta 8. Some of these foods help to disguise the taste of delta 8 while at the same time enhancing its psychoactive effects. If you have it for fun, there is always a better way to make your experience extraordinary and memorable. Pairing delta 8 with your favorite meal is the best way, especially for beginners, to start enjoying delta 8 without feeling the hard and bitter taste.