Understanding S.Ride Clone App To Launch A Taxi Business in Tokyo


Understanding S.Ride Clone App To Launch A Taxi Business in Tokyo

Taxis, the most traditional form of travel companion, are now hailed via apps such as S.Ride Clone because of their ever-increasing demand. Although Japan has an extensive bus and train network, it has not stopped the popularity of on-demand apps from rising. As a result, people often take a taxi instead. In this blog, you will learn about starting a taxi business with the help of S.Ride Clone. It is a top taxi app dominating the current Japanese taxi market.


The city of Tokyo is known for its incredibly organized and well-cultured transportation system. Everything is already pre-defined, from trains and buses to taxicabs. Moreover, drivers are known to wait in their taxis to take requests rather than go out to haggle with tourists.

Tokyo Modern Day Taxi Apps

Hailing a cab for long distances in Tokyo costs significantly more than other modes of public transportation. However, the turnaround is a comfortable and safe ride equipped with features unlike other travel associations. In fact, modern taxi apps offer the most convenient mode of transportation.

Moreover, they can be a lifesaver for those lost or stuck after the last train or bus has left the station. In the meantime, registration is generally quick and easy. All it takes is to enable the GPS function on the smartphone for location.

Understanding the Concept of the S.Ride Clone App

Recently, Sony, marked its foot in the taxi-hailing industry with the inception of a new taxi application called “S.Ride.” Sony brought this app into force this year to compete with Uber services in Tokyo. This service is a bit different in Japan compared to other countries where popular services like Uber are supreme. 

Hence, S.Ride came up with a joint venture with almost six licensed taxi companies to predict demands and dispatch accordingly. Besides, it also supports the Uber-like cashless credit card style to make payments. However, Uber still operates in Japan but only with a small share of the market.

Thus, this is the right opportunity to launch a taxi app business in Tokyo. All you have to do is analyze the strategies of competitors to create an app with unique capabilities. This is where S.Ride Clone comes in, helping entrepreneurs save their app development budgets. As a result, it has now been widely regarded as the prime source of new startup ventures.

Advanced Features of S.Ride Clone app

Driver Rewards

It’s a loyalty program giving drivers rewards and badges for being loyal at their jobs. The more trips they do and the better service they provide, the higher their reward level goes.


If a rider wants to tip using their credit card, they enter the amount, and it gets charged without fees. The tip shows up on the invoice, but no tax or commission is charged to it.

Stop and Shop

This feature lets riders hit the pause button on their trip if they need to run an errand. They’ll get charged a separate waiting fee while paused, but then the trip keeps rolling once you’re back. Moreover, the trip charge and waiting fee are combined on the final receipt.

Hail a Cab

Even if someone doesn’t have the app, a driver can still scoop them up as a street hail. The driver taps the “Hail Ride” option, enters the destination, and the system calculates the fare estimate and maps the route. The whole trip gets tracked, and you get a receipt at the end. It’s an easy way for the company to cash in on non-app rides.

Multi-Stop Trips

If your customer’s trip involves a few different stops, they can add them all as multiple destinations when booking. The app will automatically map out the route, hitting every stop. It makes splitting a long ride between different people’s drop-offs a piece of cake and way cheaper than taking separate trips.

Airport Fees

There’s an option to tack on an extra surcharge for any rides coming from or headed to the airport area. The company can set up a digital geofenced zone around the airports, so anytime a ride crosses into or out of that zone, the app automatically adds the surcharge to the fare.

Launching a freshly white-labeled app in 1-2 weeks!

To get started, you need to get in contact with a professional white-label firm. They have enough experience to understand your vision. They will customize their S.Ride Clone with your business name, logo, color, language, and currency.

You can even prefer your SMS and payment gateway as well. The entire process costs a fraction of what the entire custom app development takes from start to finish. Additionally, you can focus more on marketing and promotional activities after the launch with better clarity.

However, it would be best if you proceed with a company that offers free annual upgrades and white-labeling as well. Doing this will help you to save more than ever before. Without getting things done from multiple places, you can built everything by investing in a comprehensive clone app package. Most professional clone app packages includes bug support and manage auto updates as well.

If everything is done in a well-managed timeframe, consider your startup to blossom within six-month window. Start by clearing out various issues related to post-launch maintenance and stick to S.Ride clone that aren’t offering much services.


S.Ride Clone is the best approach for launching a taxi business for budget-savvy and frugal investors seeking any new opportunity to get more returns on their initial investments. Moreover, whether you already have a well-established network of drivers in Tokyo or want an app to start your entrepreneurial journey, S.Ride Clone might be the platform you want.