What Are The Basic Rule To Be Followed While Playing Teer Game?

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When it comes to entertainment, people used to play online games, right? If so, then you may find huge pleasure while playing lottery games other than online games. If so, then Teer game is one of the unsurpassed and most entertaining lottery games which are legally amuse you by the players in the states of Assam, Meghalaya and so more. When compared to other states, it has been played largely in the northeast state of India. Like other lottery games, Teer game has some rules and so you have to be cleared on the important factors to be considered while playing the game!!

What is teer game?

In this game, archers hit the target with their given arrow but each archer is given with a single arrow. But, the number of archers is high and everybody hits the area all at once.  When the pastime begins, archers aim at the objective area continuously. After a few minutes, responsible people will count the total quantity of shots which has been striking the objective part. They publicize the outcome after counting the number of strikes hit the targeted portion. From the total arrows, they will announce the last two numerals as the winning number. Stay hooked with the following article and knows the rules to be followed while playing the teer game!! Alternatively, you can check out the Assam Teer results online through AssamTeer.In!!

What are the rules to be followed while playing teer game?

 Here are some of the rules which are discussed below and so pay attention to that and know what criteria to be needed in order to play teer game!!

  • Must be 18 years old!

Though teer game is the legal lottery game, people who are not less than 18 years of age could not eligible to participate in the teer game. Yes! Teer games must be played by the adults and so you have to finish your underage. Of course, most of the betting sites will require information that you are above 18+, right?

  • Should buy tickets from authorized sellers:

If you are the one who is buying a ticket from fraud sellers, then the winning amount will not be credited on your account. It is your liability to buy tickets from licensed sellers. So, kindly confirm that the sellers are licensed before buying the tickets.

  • Play two bets per day:

Teer game is conducted two times per day and so you can bet two times only. So, you are permitted to buy more than two tickets per day. If you have the utmost number of tickets on your hand, you will be disqualified from the game. If you want to confirm the results, then go with AssamTeer.In since the online site is updating the results without any fail.

  • Carry Age ID Proof:

If you are the winner of the day, then the officials will ask you to show the ID proof and so it is a must thing to carry age ID proof always with you when you entering into the ground.

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