What does refurbished phone mean?

Refurbished pretty much as the name suggests is a pre-owned handset or such phones that have been repaired to be sold again. A point to consider is all refurbished cell phones were not for sale at a certain point of time. Some of the customers would have even refunded the phones before the 30-day cooling period ends once they signed a contract. Before these phones are put on sale they are checked properly so that it is in proper working condition. The tests include the checking of the battery and whether all the buttons are working properly or not. The seller is going to check out the screen responsiveness and even audio quality and whether the phone can be connected to WI- FI or 3 G /4 G. To comply with the data protection plan the provider is expected to wipe off all data from the phone and some of them refurbished phones update the latest software to be providing the customers.

Are refurbished phones cheaper?

This would depend as once again, the top quality phones provide very little when you compare the difference in prices between a new one and a refurbished phone. Though in the case of certain brands you can end up saving some money. The discounted phones might provide you with better deals.

Does a refurbished phone provide a warranty?

The warranty for a refurbished phone is once again going to depend on where you purchase them. If you are purchasing from a reputed vendor you can avail a 1-year warranty on the product. On the other hand, if you purchase it from a reputed online retailer the same warranty policy stands. In case if you are planning to purchase refurbished mobiles online India from an individual the process of claiming a discount seems to be a lot complicated. Once again this depends upon the written description of the product that is provided at the time of listing.

Whether a refurbished or a used phone would be a better option?

Once the phone is giving the tag of refurbished and you are purchasing it from a reputed dealer or even an auction site check out whether the phone is cleaned, has a warranty plan and is wiped. This means that in the true sense you are at complete peace of mind.

The term used would be a lot harder to interpret and you need to be cautious with such an approach. Mostly private sellers put them on their site for display as it could mean a few scratches to even frequent drops. When it is a known outlet you can return it back to the vendor within 30 days after purchasing it.

To sum it up to the reputed dealers generally, roll out a grading system for the refurbished phones. The grade falls into the category where a phone is on the newer side. The phone is returned back during the 30 day period, grade B a slight few scratches and grade C points to nearly 5 blemishes.