What to expect when you don’t want a funeral but just cremation when you die?

When you are formulating an end-of-life systematised plan, and you arrive at the sections about the funeral service. Possibly it is already clear to you that a conventional service is not the sort of memorial you desire in your life. Perhaps you wish to consider some options to decide for sure.

So, what would be your course of action if you don’t want a funeral when you die? It is all based on how you desire and enjoy your family and friends to memorialise your death. You wish no funeral, just cremation.

Consider No Funeral and cremation Avenues and options:

You might proceed with one of the famous funeral avenues and options described below in this article.

  • Scattering Ashes: If you select no funeral and just cremation over burial, you can converse with your family and friends to simply say a few words while they scatter your ashes. Be sure to think considerably about where you wish them to position your remains.
  • Virtual Cremation: Travel constraints, illness or pandemics and other associated complications and challenges can result in a prolonged in-person funeral. Some people resort to holding a no funeral and just virtual cremation for those who cannot attend physically and personally. Professionals recommend a virtual cremation planning service to assist you with logistics, tech and day of cremation production.
  • Home Cremation: If you visualise a more intense, intimate experience than that delivered by a cremation home, you could request a home cremation. This kind of customised service needs a lot of more involvement and engagement by your family members. They might seem not to be comfortable with it, so it is significant to check, confirm and verify with them first and foremost.
  • Memorial service and dinner: Possibly, you don’t wish a conventional cremation held in a cremation home, but you still desire some of the similar parameters of a cremation. If that is the case, you can very well request that your family and friends hold a memorial service. It can be as identical to or divergent from a conventional cremation as you desire. Loved ones can cater to eulogies and condolences or not. They can subsequently follow up the service by enjoying a meal together.
  • Sea burial and Cremation: If you are a lover of open water, you can very well request that family and friends hold an at sea service. They can charter a boat to observe a peaceful sunset, or they can paddle out themselves in a caravan of small boats. Suppose you resort to suspending your body. In that case, your loved ones can scatter your ashes across the water with a biodegradable urn after providing their eulogies.
  • There are umpteen number avenues to conventional no funeral, just cremation, moreover, to the few listed above. With a bit of creativity, you can create a route to traditional cremation services that complement your personality and the life you have lived and sustained.


When you create an end-of-life plan, visualising how you desire your no funeral, just cremation to go, is a commendable first step. But you would also want to ensure that your family possesses the apt information they require concerning associated end-of-life decisions.