When to know that you need an AC repair service?

Appliances are like our saviors in summers, and when it’s about an air conditioner, nothing can compare to the relief you will feel when you will walk into an AC room from outside. Isn’t it?
And perhaps that’s why it’s crucial for every single person to know when their ACs aren’t working. After all, it is during those times that you need to ring a repair service and ensure that you won’t be spending another day in the confines of a suffocating room.
Though most of the times, people overlook the basic signs and hence, they fail to call the AC repair in Gurgaon at the time. But, since the use of ACs is increasing, let’s have look at the most common identifiers which will allow you to know your AC is going to turn off in a few days or hours.
The thermostat of the AC doesn’t work properly
As the air condition works on the HVAC system, there will be a thermostat it in. The first sign that your AC needs a repair will be the incorrect readings and functions of the installed thermostat. Check if the temperature reading is the one which you have set. If there is something wrong, you do need to call an AC repair in Gurgaon.
Moisture is pooling around the system
The primary work of the air conditioner is to cool down the air by taking the heat from the air and releasing it into the atmosphere outside. Now, unlike coolers, ACs does not release moisture as the condensed fluid near the chassis. But, if you have a faulty AC, leaks and moisture pooling are common incidents.
Some weird noises are coming out of the AC
AC has a motor inside it which helps in circulating the refrigerant through the drain pipes. But if the motor is not working swiftly, noises will come out from the appliance. No matter what type of sounds they are or how loud they are, you are bound to give a call at an AC service in Gurgaon to prevent any further damage.
Your AC is blowing off sweltering air
ACs are not heaters, and so, if it’s blowing hot air in the rooms, you have a broken appliance which immediately requires attention from the professional AC service in Gurgaon. The main reason is that the condenser is not being able to condense off the heat. But, sometimes, other causes can also lead to hot air coming out from the AC.
Your electric bill is coming more than required
Usually, when you are buying AC services, you will buy one with high energy efficiency so that your monthly bill is not clouded with a considerable amount. But, if there is a sudden rise in your monthly bill, you have to check the same with your AC. Faulty ACs tend to draw more power than required, thus adding more figures in the bill.
There is a burning smell coming out of the AC
Sometimes, you will smell a burning odor in the room of you sniff properly. Well, nothing is burning on the stove because that’s your AC which is on fire. Sometimes, the wiring draws more current than the normal or the motor works more than intended. It is during such times when you will get a bad smell from the appliance.
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