Which is better, CCNP or HCNP?

To make a comparison between CCNP and HCNP, we need to know what both certifications are respectively, and which one is more suitable for us. We should choose and analyze this according to our own situation. Cisco is the world’s leading provider of network solutions. Cisco, taking its name from San Francisco, which is home to the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, is the manufacturer, the originator of IT networking. Most job openings for network engineers require candidates to be Cisco Certified, an international authority on the Internet.

A CCNP certificate indicates that the senior network engineer has the ability to install, configure, and troubleshoot converged Fusion LAN and WAN with 100 to more than 500 nodes, manage the routers and switches that form the core of the network, and integrate voice, wireless, and security into the edge applications of the website.

For network engineers, obtaining CCNP certificate can improve their market competitiveness. Compared with CCIE, the new CCNP is a theoretical exam without Lab exam, so it is relatively easier to pass.

A paper certificate, can let Cisco CCNP network engineer employment salary starting point becomes higher. And Cisco CCNP network engineers are in great demand. Network develops very quickly, but the speed of training network engineers has not kept up with the demand for network engineers in short supply, the salary package is naturally good. In addition, Cisco CCNP network engineers have great development space. They can be engaged in positions such as network security engineers, network administrators, database engineers, etc. With the continuous enrichment of experience and skills, they can also become project managers.

When you feel you have reached a certain level of skill, you can continue to study CCIE. In the case of experience, and can get the CCIE, the development prospect will be more broad. If conditions permit, it is suggested that you can directly take the CCIE exam, so that you can save a sum of exam fees.

HCNP is now renamed as Huawei Certified ICT Professional (HCIP), which is Huawei Certified ICT Senior Engineer. It is a certification of Huawei Certified ICT Professional to mark one’s ability to reach the senior engineer level in a certain technical field. It means that the Certified person has rich ICT knowledge and practical ability.

Having HCIP certified engineers means that the enterprise has the ability to build a complete small and medium-sized network, fully integrate the voice, wireless cloud, security and storage required in the enterprise into the network, and can meet the needs of various applications for the use of the network, thus providing high security, availability and reliability.

With the development of the Internet, many enterprises are in need of network technical talents, so now many companies will carry out Huawei HCIP training for their core technical backbone, and even some people find training institutions specifically to do HCIP training, so as to successfully change careers. China’s information talent training is still in the development stage, resulting in the actual social demand for talent base far greater than the network talent training base, so that tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises are in urgent need of network engineers who master the network basic skills and knowledge in a comprehensive and systematic way. Therefore, in general, after obtaining the HCIP, it is still very helpful for employment.

From the perspective of employment, Huawei HCIP certification is the senior engineer level of Huawei, which can be developed in two main directions:

  1. Technical support engineering (partial technical direction)
  2. Sales (career path: sales, sales manager, sales director, CEO)

And there are many industries for Huawei HCIP certified network engineers to choose from, including manufacturers, agents of various brands, operators, network integrators, financial industry, etc.

It can be said that the career development prospects of network engineers with Huawei HCIP certification are very considerable. Therefore, they are both intermediate network engineers, and you can choose them according to your own work needs. There is little difference between them in the development prospect and the promotion of competitiveness, and they can both develop to more advanced certification in the future.