These are the 10 Essential Foods For a Vegan Diet

There are more and more adepts of veganism, but you have to know what to eat. Get to know some essential foods for a healthy and complete vegan diet.
Veganism is the diet in which, in addition to meat and fish, you do not eat any product from animals. This means that you eliminate foods like eggs, milk, cheese, butter or honey.
If you were not aware of this, you should be thinking about how you can eliminate healthy foods that are so important and sources of protein and other nutrients. It is true that if one is not careful in the choice of food, the vegan diet can bring us weaknesses. And that’s why we give you some essential foods for a balanced vegan diet.
The reasons why one chooses to be vegetarian or vegan may be several. There are those who do it because of environmental issues because they are against animal exploitation or because of health reasons since they claim to be a healthier diet than the omnivorous.
But to continue to provide our body with protein, iron, calcium and other important vitamins, we must pay attention to the food we eat. That is why in this article we will highlight the essential foods for a vegan diet.
These vegetables are a good source of calcium. That’s why experts advise them to eat at least once a day. Spinach, cabbage kale or courgette, although it is not a vegetable in which we eat the leaves, are good options.
Not forgetting vegetables of other colors, such as orange, which are good sources of vitamin A, use and abuse the dark green ones. Make soups, salads, and smoothies.
Also, these are great for smoothies. They are usually harvested when ripe. Therefore, if we buy them frozen, they will be at the point to be consumed at any time. Frozen berries are often found and are always a good buy because you can buy many without fear of spoiling.
Berries, especially blackberries, also have the advantage of containing antioxidants and vitamin C, which help us strengthen the immune system.
Whenever possible, choose organic products to avoid foods that have been exposed to pesticides.
The dehydrated fruit, since it has no added sugar, is also part of the basic food for a vegan diet. Frozen fruits are usually preferred by travelers or tourists. For affordable travel packages visit DWT.
It comes from beet molasses and sugar cane. It is a good source of protein and vitamin B and enjoys good fame among vegans.
Nutritional yeast is very versatile and can replace cheese sauces on dishes that you want to make vegan. There are still those who like her over popcorn.
Beans, lentils, beans, beans, peas, fava beans. In the absence of meat, legumes are the ideal source of iron. In addition, they provide fiber, protein, calcium, zinc and vitamin B.
In order for your body to better digest these essential foods for a vegan diet, soak them overnight, which will remove enzymes that hinder digestion.
Whole grains, like quinoa, are advised on as many vegan meals as possible. They satiate and have lots of fiber.
Quinoa is very versatile and easy to combine, but other cereals such as barley, amaranth, wheat or spelled are also good choices.
Fish and eggs have a lot of omega-3s. In order not to miss it, vegans should eat nuts, which help compensate.
They can be eaten alone or mixed with other foods, turning into real snacks. And best of all is that they are tasty!
The chia is a seed that is also very rich in omega 3 and helps to reduce the likelihood of having heart disease and inflammation.
Avocado has healthy fats and vitamins A, C, E, and K. What can you want more? Better than this only the fact that this fruit is the basis of guacamole.
It is also an excellent choice to replace unhealthy or animal sauces because it is creamy when crushed. It can be barred on toasts and used in salads.
They are full of nutrients and are high in protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Hence, they are essential foods for a vegan diet. We talk about tofu, tempeh or soy milk.
According to a 2009 study, high soy consumption is associated with a lower probability of having breast cancer in the pre-menopause phase.
Tofu may well replace meat in a stew and tempeh in sandwiches or fried places.
In a vegan diet, one does not eat honey, but one eats agave. You do not drink milk, but there are several vegetable drinks. You do not eat butter of animal origin, but there is vegetable butter, as well as peanut butter or even cashew.
At this point, you will also have no problems if you are thinking of turning vegan because there are always alternatives.
They are healthy fats and that even for those who are not vegetarian or vegan, they are part of the kitchen of almost everyone, especially olive oil.
Although both are essential in vegan diets, coconut oil has a slightly higher saturated fat level, so attention to excess.