Common Plumbing Problems.

Common Plumbing Problems

In summer certain common plumbing problems crop up. This is because changes in the weather cause people to alter how they use their plumbing systems and appliances. The six most common plumbing problems which people in Sydney are confronted with during summer are as follows.   

Blocked Kitchen Sinks and Garbage Disposals.

There are more barbeques and big family dinners during summer. This results in food scraps being forced into the sink and garbage disposal. Along with food scraps, oil and grease are added to the mix. When there is no garbage disposal, it’s important not to put food scraps into the kitchen sink. Always run cold water for ten seconds before and after using the garbage disposal. This will help to keep the system clear, and then dispose of food scraps in your rubbish or compost. 

Clogged Toilets.

When the extended family come home during summer, toilets often become blocked. Too much toilet paper gets used and other items get flushed down the toilet leading to blockages. A running toilet might also happen because of the blockages or repeated flushing. Blocked toilets must be cleared quickly to prevent larger issues. Make sure that wipes, dental floss, bandages and paper towels are never flushed down the toilet as they can easily clog and be difficult to clear, but plumbers in Rozelle can always help. 

Sewer Lines Backing Up.

Summer brings more rain which means sewer line issues. Loose soil will run into pipes when rain mixes with it. Tree roots might grow and break underground pipes. When sewage line issues occur, the best action is to call a plumber.

Sump Pump Problems. 

Basements, cellars and other underground levels are much more likely to flood with heavy rain. So, in summer the chance of lower floors flooding increases. A sump pump is often installed to prevent this problem, but the pump might have developed a defect during winter when it wasn’t working. A sump pump which isn’t working correctly will struggle to deal with a heavy water flow and flooding can occur. It’s important to inspect pumps before the summer so that if a repair is needed it can be carried out before the heavy rain comes. A plumber can be called before summer to inspect and determine whether the sump pump is working. 

Clogged Showers. 

The shower is another plumbing system which is used more in summer. This increases the chance of a blocked shower drain developing. Hair, grease, and oil can easily cause the shower to become blocked. Sand from the beach might also be a contributing factor. Keeping the system clean is important during summer to prevent blockages. 

Increased Water Bills.

Water bills often increase over the summer. This can result from a mix of plumbing issues and changes in use of plumbing systems. Leaking pipes can increase the water bill as excess water is dispersed. Dripping taps can have the same effect. Using appliances more will mean more water is used. Regular plumbing inspections and regulating how much water is used will help decrease the water bill during summer periods.