4 Simple Email Marketing Steps to Grow your Pottery Business

4 Simple Email Marketing Steps to Grow your Pottery Business

Source: (https://unsplash.com/photos/BshM9VkzGw8)

2023 is the year of self-care, relaxation, and new experiences – and pottery checks the box on all three! In recent years, people have started to move away from the artificial and instead immerse themselves in rich, fulfilling experiences that make for sweet memories, a good time, and a wholesome way to fill your time. As such, activity businesses such as cooking classes, crocheting, and even pottery have been popping up all over, offering customers hands-on opportunities to dive into the craft!

Of course, as the number of providers increases, so does competition, and it can become a little difficult to make your pottery business stand out from the crowd. Difficult, but not impossible! There are tons of marketing tricks and strategies in the bag that you can pull out to really make your pottery business a success, and among them all, email marketing is perhaps the smartest!

Good reach, regular touchpoints, and high ROI, emails are used by the biggest brands in the world to both grow and maintain their power standing in the consumer market. So, why not try it for your own pottery business?

Here are 4 email marketing strategies that you can use for your pottery business:

  • Catch them with the Subject Line

Chances are, your email recipients are getting at least a dozen other notifications in their inboxes, and making your email stand out from these is going to be a difficult feat. to make it easier, your focus should be on the piece of information that your audience is going to see first – the subject line, of course!

Not only will it determine whether or not your email makes it to the trash folder or is actually opened, but a good subject line also makes a lasting impression. While the specific content of your subject line will differ from email to email, some good practices to ensure a high open rate include adding the recipient’s name, highlighting any discounts or special offers that you are running, and adding time or date specifications to create urgency.

Once you’ve got your subject lines locked, your email conversions will skyrocket!

  • Try Email Templates

While the written content of your email is very important, there’s more to it than just the text! The layout of your email – that is, how it appears aesthetically – is just as important when it comes to winning over a potential customer. Your design should be attractive without being overwhelming, capturing the reader’s attention just the right way!

And if you’re worried about messing up the design aspect, then PosterMyWall’s email templates are your perfect go-to! Simple, easy-to-use, and completely free of cost, these email templates will help take your email from drab to fab in just a matter of minutes. Start by selecting a template that catches your eye and aligns with your content, edit it by changing around the colors, placeholder text, and even the spacing, and there you have it – a ready-made email for you to send out and get great results on!

  • Don’t Shy Away from Visuals 

People get bored if all they’re looking at is text, especially if it’s in an email! Adding in visuals – whether they be static images, gifs, or even short videos can help drive up your email’s engagement rate and push up conversion.

In fact, advertising your pottery business via visuals is a great way to show potential customers exactly what they can get to experience if they sign up for classes and even what products they can purchase! You can add small clips of previous workshops for a visual insight. 

  • Invest in an Email Marketing Platform

Of course, if you really want to nail your email marketing game and skyrocket your pottery business, then there’s no better decision than investing in an email marketing platform such as the one by PosterMyWall.

PosterMyWall’s advanced email marketing service allows you to do it all right from your laptop – create email campaigns, schedule emails with customized recipient lists, and track analytics among much more! And the best part is that it’s so user-friendly that you won’t need any professional help. 

So, if you’re looking to implement email marketing strategies for your pottery business, then these tips and tricks are your go-to. Just be sure to bring your creative energy and make your business shine through!