The ultimate guide to deep clean your new home

Shifting to your dream residence is one of the happiest moments whether you have rented or purchased it. However, if you’re moving into a rented house, it’s good to keep in mind that the house was earlier used by someone else, and they may have left lots of germs and garbage while relocating.
Therefore, you should remember to clean your home thoroughly before moving in, as no can live in a dirty house and it’s always safer to live in a clean environment.We agree that cleaning a new house is a time-consuming task, but if you start it with appropriate planning at the right time, you can easily clean your home to make it germ-free before moving in to have fresh start at your new destination with your loved ones.
You can either clean the house before the day of the move or if you have enough time on moving day before your goods get delivered, you can visit your new home and do overall cleaning. It’s always right decision to complete this cleaning task before your household items arrive so that the endless piles of cardboard boxes won’t get in your way, as you will never want to unpack your belongings in a messy home.
You can hire specialists to clean your new house, but experts suggest cleaning your new home yourself will help you make your spotless by spending more time with your family after moving in your desired home.
So let’s discuss how you can quickly clean your new home like a pro so that you and your loved ones can spend a healthy time together.

Steps to clean your home


Kitchen requires extra care and a lot more effort to clean it perfectly since this is the place where you will prepare healthy food for the whole family. Firstly, you must get rid of the lousy cooking odors that might have left behind by the people who were living earlier. Use antiseptic wipes or spray, and clean the surface of the fridge, kitchen table counter tops, and stove.
Be sure to pull all the kitchen appliances away from the wall, especially the stove and the refrigerator, and thoroughly clean behind them. Toss a lemon peel into the trash disposal and run it to remove odors that may have made it into the basin.


The next and the most important thing waiting to be cleaned is the Bathroom; thoroughly clean the commodes, tubs, shower attachments, door handles, shelves, etc. Remove the old shower hangings, if still there, and hang new ones in their place.
This way, you won’t have to worry about how to clean the old shower curtains. Make sure to sanitize these areas, and wear gloves while you do it, and you will have peace using a clean and safe toilet.

Walls and floors

Once you are done by cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, move onto the walls and floors; remember to check if your walls require painting and do that too. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt off the carpeted floor, and mop the entire tiled floor to get rid of all the dust.
If painted recently, wash your floors and walls by using the best quality cleanser (suitable for your walls and floors), so that they look spotless.


After you are done cleaning all the above places in your new home, its time to clean and prepare your bedroom. Wipe the bedroom doors and disinfect the doorknob; also, pay special attention to the light switches and put new bed sheets and pillows, so that you can rest in a safe and clean bed after completing all the hectic tasks of cleaning and relocation with help of movers such as packers and movers in Faridabad.


Your furniture and appliances also require cleaning as they may have come in contact with dust during relocation. You will have to take extra care while cleaning the oven, glass items, dressing table mirror, etc. as they are fragile and may easily break or get damaged.
You will require good quality cleanser, put the exact amount of cleaner on soft and clean clothes, and then wipe your appliances smoothly to clean them accurately.

Pest Control

After you are done with cleaning your entire home thoroughly, be sure you and your family must be safe in your new house from any pest and harmful flies. You can hire a pest control specialist to check for if any pests are there in your home to spray pest killer to kill all the pests.
Once your house is spotless you can start unpacking and rearranging your items after movers like movers and packers in Ghaziabad have left, so that you can sit back and enjoy life at the new place with your beloved ones. We hope the above-discussed guidelines will assist you to clean your new house like a pro to freshen your new abode.
Clean your home with a weekly cleaning schedule, and you will only need to do spring cleaning about once a year. Set a day aside to invite your relatives and friends for a meal and enjoy in your clean and spotless home with joy.