How to Write a Car Wash on Demand App Specification?

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In today’s hectic app development market and competitive app-based business landscape, each step of your Car Wash on Demand app development process must be taken into great consideration. In other words, before you can start the design and creation of your Car Wash on Demand app, you will have to go through the stage of writing the specifications.


The specifications bring together all the rules that the entrepreneur must respect. It must present in detail the project, the objectives, and the graphic, ergonomic, functional, and technical description without forgetting the expected services and the methods of selection of service providers. Let’s understand the writing process of an app specification in detail.

The Importance of Writing App Specification

Writing specifications is not an easy job. With specifications, you will be forced to project yourself further than you are used to. Indeed, you will need to think about every aspect of creating your application before work begins. This is an obligatory step that will also help you fully mature your project.

A well-written specification will be a valuable tool for selecting a white-label firm in charge of developing your Car Wash on Demand app. It will then be necessary to define the working framework, development methods, monitoring, etc. By following this method, you will be able to visualize the app’s explanatory diagrams, functional models, logos, screenshots of sources of inspiration, illustrative images, etc. Depending on the projects and their complexity, their size can vary from around fifteen to a hundred pages.

When writing your specifications, you will need to be extremely precise and exhaustive. Detail all the points that can be detailed. You will have to respect a logical thread, a timeline, and an overall plan, which could be as follows:

Objectives & Background

Knowing exactly what your application will need to do is important. Does it serve to solve a practical problem? The list of your project goals will help you understand your application more clearly. Here, the main purpose of the Car Wash on Demand app is to provide a car washer to the user seamlessly. The user can manage different services, make payments, and even review their experience.


It seems obvious, but knowing the target audience of your application allows you to make many decisions. For a car wash app, every person with a car is your target audience. Knowing this allows us to understand the user experience that will need to be created. 

Operating systems and devices

The operating system (OS) on which you want the application to be available is one of the most cost-impacting choices, so it’s something to think about carefully. A good starting point is the usage statistics of various operating systems. 

Creating an app for iOS and Android is like writing the same letter twice. It may be the same content, but completely different skills are needed. Each operating system has a different development language, and this, in the case of native development, can lead to doubling the cost of your application. 

Hybrid development or using frameworks can help reduce costs, but it’s important to know the pros and cons of this choice. Some apps require a specific development method, but if you are unsure, direct yourself toward the best choice for your project.


Keep in mind that many factors play into development and design and that the work must still be planned among the agency’s activities. Finally, there are “technical” times, such as those for approval by Apple, to take into account. Try to provide all possible information on the time constraints to be respected, if possible, with a breakdown of the individual deadlines.


It’s the crucial point. If possible, write what the description will be that will appear on the App Store when the application is published. This should help you describe what your application does clearly and concisely.

Often, defining all the specifications, screens, and user interactions is the first phase of the development activity. Therefore, you must do your homework to produce a complete study of the UI/UX of your app. Likewise, the same can be used to complete the creation of the app by the developer.


In any case, a good specification document is more than sufficient to give a rough estimate of your app. Typically, a good app does one simple thing and does it well. But the way it does it is a specific feature of the app. 

For example, if the purpose of your application is to “bring car wash experts to the doorstep of the user,” the application could have the following characteristics:

  • Real-time location tracking and multiple payment options;
  • Possibility of taking a photograph and attaching it to the report;
  • Receive in-app, email, and push notifications at every step of the process.

Think about what the additional features could be, indicating whether they are essential or not, as some features can make a big difference in the final cost.

Examples of features that can significantly influence the cost are:

  • Geolocation: do you need to know the user’s location or show them where to go?
  • Social Login: Can your app allow Facebook or Google Mail as a login method?
  • Business model: Is the app free? Will there be in-app purchases?
  • Will users be able to post comments or reviews in the app?
  • Is there a link to websites?

Graphic Design

Most entrepreneurs have internal graphic designers who have in-depth knowledge of mobile design. It is usually best to rely on them to speed up the design process, and they also know the trends and designs that work best. If you prefer to rely on your creativity, make sure they know the specifics of how to design for mobile. However, if you don’t have the budget or the time to deal with the design and development of the Car Wash on Demand app, then it’s best to hire a professional White-Label firm. They will customize the Car Wash on Demand app script with fonts, colors, logos, and names, along with SMS and payment gateways.

Extra information

It is useful to provide an additional sheet with company details and details of all people involved in the project, including email addresses, telephone numbers, operational roles, and responsibilities. There must be a single point of contact for important communications and decisions.


The specification document provides a better understanding of the Car Wash on Demand app. It also acts as an excellent business card for the developer, who will appreciate your professionalism and commitment to the project.