7 Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring a Motorcycle Accidental Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are common but getting compensation is not. You need to hire an attorney to deal with your case. If you are looking for a motorcycle accident attorney, make sure that you adhere to the given tips to save your
time and money:

1. Do not hire an attorney who can tell you the exact amount of settlement – Court proceedings depend upon on various factors. The outcome can either come in your favour or your opponent’s favour. If you find a lawyer, who claims to predict the exact amount of settlement, do not go for him. Even an experienced lawyer cannot ever predict the exact amount. The damages you will be awarded are not predetermined. It will be decided by the judge presiding over your case. Hence, save yourself the trouble and unnecessary expense by not choosing such kind of attorney.

2. Do not hire an attorney who doesn’t have a good track record – Many times, as a victim of motorcycle accident you might end up choosing a lawyer in haste. It is highly recommended that you check his track recordbefore hiring him. If he has won cases in the past, that will ensure your success to an extent. Hiring a lawyer who does not have a good track record can cost you in terms of time and money.

3. Do not hire an attorney who might transfer your case to a junior – We all want to hire an experienced or senior lawyer to fight for our cause. But at times these lawyers hand over cases to the juniors. Nothing can be more disappointing than dealing with a junior in the first place. You can’t even be sure whether you will win the case or not. So, to avoid any such contingency gather information about a senior lawyer before hiring him. It will save you a lot of trouble.

4. Do not hire an attorney who expects you to pay the entire fees in the initial stage itself – You can’t deny the fact that hiring a lawyer is expensive. Moreover, if he expects you to pay entire fees before proceeding with the case, it can be troublesome. What if you end up losing the case or let’s say he drops your case while it’s in the middle of the trial?
To ensure no such thing happens, ask your lawyer to explain the fees. If he appears reluctant, that’s your clue to look for another attorney. Never pay any attorney the entire fees at one go. Ask him to explain to you the fees structure in the initial session itself and pay him according to as the case proceeds in the court.

5. Do not hire an attorney whom you can’t trust in the first place – Your relationship with your lawyer is important. If you are uneasy or uncomfortable with him, you will avoid meeting him to discuss the intricacies of the case. This can jeopardize your chances of winning the case. You should be able to trust your lawyer. He needs to be well versed with the facts and circumstances. If you don’t provide him the details, he can’t help you at any cost. Hence, before hiring an attorney check whether you will be comfortable with him or not.

6. Do not hire an attorney who recommends you against going for a trial- A trial can be time-consuming but it’s worth it if the facts and circumstances of the case so demand. Not all the attorneys favour being part of the trial. Though some might see it as a golden opportunity to empty your pockets. Ask your attorney if he would provide the service of going for a trial. If he is hesitant in answering your question, you need not think twice before looking for another attorney.

7. Do not hire an attorney who has no specialization in motorcycle accident injury law – Would you go to a neurosurgeon for heart problem? Similarly, do not hire a lawyer who specializes in criminal law to fight your case. Go for a lawyer who has specialization in the field. Such attorneys know the law like the back of their hand. There’s nothing more relieving than to know that your case is being handled by an expert.

Hence, if you ever become victim to a motorcycle accident, remember the aforementioned tips. You need to be careful while choosing your motorcycle accident attorney. If you are looking for one, contact Capron and Avgerinos.
They have an expert team of lawyers who have been dealing with such cases for many years. They will reach out to you right away and deal with your case until the end. Their services are affordable and you can rest assured that your case will be in safe hands.