NBC News Removes Ronna McDaniel Following Anchors’ On-Air Rebellion

Ronna McDaniel

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In a surprising turn of events, NBC News has decided to part ways with former Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel just days after her hiring as a paid political analyst sparked a significant backlash from the network’s top television anchors. The decision follows an unprecedented on-air revolt by NBC and MSNBC journalists against McDaniel’s appointment, ultimately embarrassing the network.

NBCUniversal News Group President Cesar Conde addressed the matter in a memo to staff, acknowledging the challenging situation and the legitimate concerns raised by many employees. Conde took full responsibility for the decision to remove McDaniel as an NBC News contributor and apologized to the team members who felt let down by the initial hiring.

McDaniel’s departure from NBC comes after journalists and anchors publicly denounced her hiring due to her involvement in attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. As head of the RNC, McDaniel was accused of pressuring Michigan county officials not to certify the vote from the Detroit area. Her continued claims of election irregularities and refusal to accept Joe Biden’s victory further fueled criticism.

The backlash against McDaniel’s hiring escalated when she appeared on “Meet the Press” for her first interview since joining the network, prompting NBC News’ chief political analyst, Chuck Todd, to criticize network executives for the decision. The protest extended to other NBC and MSNBC programs, with hosts expressing discomfort with McDaniel’s role at the network.

The decision to remove McDaniel was met with praise from some NBC and MSNBC hosts, who commended the network’s leadership for listening to their concerns. Rachel Maddow, in particular, dedicated a segment of her prime-time program to the controversy, expressing gratitude for the reversal and emphasizing the importance of upholding journalistic integrity.

The on-air rebellion not only led to McDaniel’s ousting but also cast a spotlight on NBC’s top leadership, including Conde and NBC News president Rebecca Blumenstein, who were responsible for McDaniel’s hiring. The swift action to sever ties with McDaniel reflects the network’s commitment to journalistic principles and maintaining trust with its audience.