ROI on Kitchen Remodeling – Top Changes with the Highest ROI

ROI on Kitchen Remodeling – Top Changes with the Highest ROI

The first house that we buy will not necessarily be the one we grow old in. Sometimes, we will have to sell it in order to buy our dream home. That being said, to get the best price out of it, we would need to make some renovations down the road.

It’s not always easy to get the best ROI on kitchen remodeling. Still, to increase the value of your home, you don’t necessarily have to make any expensive updates. Here are some top changes to your kitchen that will bring you the best ROI.

  • Hardware Update

When you get the most ROI on your kitchen remodeling, you don’t necessarily have to make any costly renovations. Adding luxury appliances in your kitchen will not always boost your home value in the long run, no matter how expensive they are. What matters is how potential buyers view the house and the use they can make of it. In most cases, a couple of small changes may be just enough.

“The biggest return on investment is going to be a minor remodel. Still, only expect to get back $.81 for every $1 spent,” says Skylar Olsen, the Zillow chief economist. Here, you can use your imagination. You can choose to add a new backsplash, or you may decide to change the hardware in your kitchen. As small as these changes may seem, they will make the kitchen look more appealing and improve the value of your home.

  • Island Addition

Not every kitchen has an island, especially the cottage or farmhouse-style kitchen. Most people use a standard table or simply do their meal preparation on the cabinet counters. That being said, by installing an island in your kitchen, you will bring several advantages to the table.

For one, you will have more space to do your cooking, along with enjoying your morning coffee. Secondly, it will make your home much more appealing to buyers. When they set their eyes on the island, they will automatically see more seating, more storage options, and more counter space.

Bear in mind that the addition of an island can backfire if the kitchen is very small. It won’t look very good in a tiny cooking space, so you shouldn’t just cram that island in. Make sure that there is at least a 36-inch space on every side of the island, although 42-48 inches would be even better.

  • Cabinet Update

The kitchen cabinets are the first thing that we see upon entering. If the cabinets look too old, they will make the kitchen seem unappealing and worn down. This reduces the value of the house. By updating the cabinets, you will be able to improve the look of your home and increase its curb appeal. The advantage is that you don’t need to go for something utterly expensive, as long as you can make the cabinets look good. 

“You could save thousands by going with an Ikea kitchen, but it really depends on the bells and whistles that you choose. You can deck out an Ikea kitchen with semi-handmade doors and find yourself cost-wise in the semi-custom category, or you could do semi-custom cabinetry without as many bells and whistles and find that it’s relatively inexpensive,” says Chicago-based renovator, Kim Vargo.

  • New Countertops

Just like the cabinets, countertops also create a lasting impression on prospective homeowners. Pretty much everyone dreams of that smooth kitchen look with marble countertops. Even if you use a cheaper lookalike during your remodeling, the impression will remain the same. 

If marble is not within your budget, you may want to try going for engineered stone instead (e.g., quartz). It has antibacterial and stain-resistant properties, allowing you to enjoy a new-looking kitchen for longer. With the right sealant, your countertops can look like new for up to 15-20 years. You’d be able to enjoy your kitchen renovations before you decide to sell the house.

  • The Bottom Line

Properly maintaining your kitchen will help increase the value of your home. So, to improve your ROI, you may want to make the appropriate modifications to your kitchen. Remember that it doesn’t need to be expensive, but effective instead.