Still Invoicing and Accounting with Excel? create invoice online

We are living in the 21st century and still many businessmen using excel and word for invoicing and accounting. Although some persons create invoice online but most of the people still using traditional style of billing through word and excel. If you are one of them then this article is for you, in this article i will tell you all the things about accounting and  some interesting things regarding new way of accounting.
What is an accounting and invoicing through excel?
When we use excel sheet for recording our day to day expenses of our business then this process is known as accounting and invoicing through excel, some of the businessman also use word file to record their day to day expenses. Small businessman generally do their accounting and invoicing  through excel sheet.
Why people still using excel sheet?
There are number of reasons why people still using excel sheet for accounting and invoicing in this article we cover some points which are as follows-
1- Excel is quite easy as compare other accounting software.
2- Excel has ability to organise quantum of data.
3- Excel has ability to create graphical reports of our financial data.
4- Excel is free and pre installed.
5- Excel also provide facility of password, which make our data secure.

Disadvantages of using excel for invoicing and accounting?

1- Virus can be attached with the excel file which may be very harmful for our computer.
2-  Microsoft excel does not provide good quality of graphs.
3- Sometime excel sheet face problem of lagging when we use large amount of data.
4- Excel sheet does not provide cloud based storage which is very important.
5- Excel is also  unfit for agile business practices.
So now what we have to do?
Above we talk about the disadvantages of using excel sheet for accounting and  creating invoice. Now the question arises, what we should do if using excel is not good. Hang on readers we have solution of this issue.
You can use best online accounting software for accounting and invoicing for your business there are number of advantages of using online accounting software for your business, it will be helpful for you also.

Advantages of creating invoice online

There are number of advantages of using online accounting software and creating invoice online because we all knew the fact that accounting through online software is always easy and attractive as compare excel and word. In this article we cover some interesting advantages of using online accounting software which will attract you to create your invoice online.
1- The cost of sending invoice through envelopes get reduced and it will be cost effective for your business.
2- Creating invoice online always saves your precious time when you have to make multiple invoices.
3- Creating online invoice is always have an advantage of better security if we compare excel and online invoicing, the online invoice is more secure.
4- The most important advantage of using online invoicing is, your data is backup-ed several time per day which is very helpful for you.
5- With the help of creating invoice online you can access your data anywhere on the earth and you just need an internet connection only.
So guys, i give you a brief information about creating invoice online vs excel. I think you understand this, using online accounting software is more helpful for you as compare using excel for creating invoice and for accounting. If you like my article then please hit the like button and if you have some more advantages then tell me in comment section and do not forget to share this article with all your friends who you think need to change their accounting style.