The constantly declining health of Mother Earth is one of the leading concerns of the twenty-first century. The condition of the environment is deteriorating at a rapid pace. Our callous activities are destroying the natural resources of the world. The greenery is fast shrinking, ozone layers are depleting, ice caps are melting, fresh water is running out and the air and soil are getting more and more poisonous. If we do not drastically change our lifestyle, we are heading down a path that ends in all life forms on earth becoming obliterated. To avoid that from happening, we must immediately adopt a green and eco-friendly way of life. The most important step towards a greener future is to discard the use of fossil fuels like oil and coal and replace them with renewable energy sources. Renewable and eco-friendly energies are solar energy, hydro-energy, wind energy, tidal energy, surf power, biogases, geothermal energy etc. However, this blog focuses on solar energy— its benefits; how it works; and how it is a much better alternative to fossil fuels.

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What is solar energy? This question must be answered, as many people are still not familiar with what the term signifies. Solar energy is the energy produced from the light and heat emitted by the sun. The light and heat are absorbed and converted into energy to fuel entire power grids. There are various techniques for absorbing sunlight and converting it into energy. The most common and effective of these techniques are solar heating, solar thermal heating, solar architecture, artificial photosynthesis and photovoltaic cells. Solar energy is a sustainable renewable energy as it can be used repeatedly, and it is thus, infinite as an energy source. It does not produce any CO2 or greenhouse gases, which might poison the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Hence, it causes no air pollution. Neither does it release any toxic substances that might pollute the soil or water. Speaking of water, the functioning of solar energy requires none, thus conserving water resources. All these factors prove that solar energy is a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source that allows industrial and domestic energy consumption without any negative effect on the environment.
Solar power is absorbed and converted into energy with the help of solar panels. Solar panels look like sheets and usually functions on the mechanism of the photovoltaic system. The ability of a solar panel to generate energy depends on its quality, build and on how technologically updated it is. Solar panels are usually fitted on the roofs of buildings and can generate enough energy to power the entire household. In case you generate excess energy, you can send it to the power grid, often in exchange for money. Many countries offer incentives for using solar energy instead of fossil fuels. Solar panels take no excess space and can remain functional
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For as long as twenty-five years, despite constant exposure to sun, rain, wind, snow, hail etc. They are also much cheaper than electrical panels and are unaffected by any fuel crisis or price hike.
The American company Tesla is one of the leading advocates of clean energy and the importance of conserving natural resources and reducing pollution. Elon Musk founded the company in 2003. Their iconic products are the Tesla electric car, lithium-ion battery storage and solar panels. They specialize in Tesla Powerwall, solar roof tiles and solar panels. It is one of the biggest companies in the technological market right now and is considered as a tech giant. They aim to create a greener future, where sustainable energy is the mainstream form of power source. Their solar panels offer seamless integration with the Powerwall and are designed to be sleek and efficient. They are, undoubtedly, the best in the sustainable energy sector. They have been working closely with the governments of many countries to spread awareness about the importance of renewable energy and reduction of energy consumption. Their solar panels are highly efficient and functional and are available in almost every country, that too at a cheap rate. They offer only the best in terms of alternative, the eco-friendly energy that helps both industries and the environment. They aspire towards a healthier and greener future for humankind.
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