Urvann: The Most Trusted Plant Nursery in India

Urvann: The Most Trusted Plant Nursery in India

Have you also caught the leafy bug, and just can’t have enough plants, then we have news for you!

We have it too!

And together we will keep adding to our garden and make the most of nature. 

Everyone is super busy these days. Whether it is the hustle and bustle of corporate life or the science of managing affairs of the home, we tend to be short on time everywhere. We hardly have enough time to go to a nursery, take in the ambiance, and savour our time there without worrying about getting back. 

In this guide, let us walk you through the ins and outs of how to buy from the most trusted online plant nursery in India.

Do Your Homework: Research Is Key

Before you start to click away and fill up your online cart with your favourite plants, there is an important step to take care of. 

Do some research, and gather information about the plants that you are planning to buy. Research their care instructions, sunlight requirements, watering frequency, and their appropriate placement. Some plants need more care than others while others are solo-warriors that happily thrive even with minimum care. For example in a sunny spot indoors, if you place a succulent or a cacti plant, it will happily thrive.

Read Reviews And Product Descriptions

Now that you have narrowed your options, it is time to take one more step ahead. Many online plant nurseries such as Urvann offer detailed product descriptions accompanied by an FAQ section, answering all our common questions. 

Along with that, it is a good idea to take a look at customer reviews available on the website. This will help you to build more confidence while you buy your plants.

Many reputable online nurseries have great customer support, where you can ask all your queries or any other kind of information that you may need.

Choose the Right Season

In the world of plants, there is a large variety in terms of season. Some plants are perennial while some are annuals, only thriving for a season and then going into dormancy. 

Plants have their schedules and for the best results in gardening, it is crucial to order them at the right time. Ordering tropical plants during the peak of the winter season might not be the best idea. For this, we again come back to the same point of gathering information accurately. 

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

The most thrilling perk of shopping for plants online is the vast collection available at your fingertips. You can experiment with different kinds of plants and add diversity to your collection. From succulents and cacti variety to lush green climbers and creepers, the combinations to try out are many. You can also buy Goodluck plants for gifting, or religious and sacred plants for home.

Patience Is A Virtue

Now that you have placed your order, have patience. When your plants finally arrive, it will be like a Diwali morning for you. Carefully unpack your plants and place them in an area where they get indirect bright sunlight and proper ventilation. During transit, the plants may come under stress due to being moved. 

Properly acclimate your plants to their new environment, and do not re-pot for a few days. 

Share Your Plant Journey

Lastly, share your plant stories around, with fellow enthusiasts, children, and everyone who listens. The world needs to become more green and talking about it is the way to do it. Join plant communities, participate in communities or any plant workshops, and learn and connect with nature. 

Happy plant shopping, and may your indoor jungle thrive and grow! 🌿🪴🌱