10 Tips to Prepare for JEE Mains 2019

With examinations around the corners, 2019 is getting heated up with competitive minds. JEE, the one examination that all the engineering aspirants of India take up, is one of the most popular and competitive examinations of the country. All you need is dedication, hard work and confidence in yourself so as to easily crack the JEE Mains.
If you are probing into ways to prepare for JEE Main this year, here you go with 10 Tips to Prepare for JEE Main 2019. Keep the following important tips and techniques from BYJU’S in mind and follow them to fall out of the exam fever and come out with flying colours.

  1. Syllabus: The first and foremost thing to be taken care of is how well you know the JEE Mains Syllabus 2019. Knowing the syllabus will help you to understand how to study smart.
  2. Time allocation: Once you are done with going through the syllabus you will be in a position to decide which chapter or subject needs the most preparation. Thus, allocate more time to the subjects and topics carrying more marks.
  3. Timetable: Now, it is time to prepare the timetable accordingly. Decide when to study what way prior to the examination. Noting it down and following it will aid you in finishing the topics as planned.
  4. Stick to the Syllabus: Going beyond the syllabus will not help you score any better. But, instead, if you stick to the syllabus and cover all that is mentioned in it, revising it again, you can crack the JEE Mains 2019 with ease.
  5. Practice: Reading through the subjects and practicing the questions in your notebook is not enough. The more you practice, you more you are thorough with the subject. Practice as many problems you can, from NCERT as well as other reference books.
  6. Solve Question Papers: Solve as many sample and previous year question papers as you can. Solving each question paper within the time given in that question paper will enhance your confidence.
  7. Clear your doubts: Never move to the next topic with doubts in your mind. Getting any unclear concepts cleared is very important as the JEE tests your basic concepts and also how familiar you are with them.
  8. Dedication: A minimum of 7 hours a day is to be dedicated exclusively for JEE Mains preparations. Seven hours for namesake will not do any good for you, but if all your hard work goes in, it can do wonders.
  9. Go with the flow: Make sure that you finish the chapter you are engaged in before moving to the next. Leaving anything in the middle will cause confusion and disruption in the flow of your studies.
  10. Health is Wealth: With all your studies, pressure and fear in mind, take care of your health by having proper food and breaks in between is mandatory. After all, falling ill on the D-Day is not what we worked hard for.

These were few tips students can use while preparing for their upcoming JEE Exam. Students can also subscribe to our BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch interactive videos on concepts.