2024: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Run for President as an Independent Candidate

2024: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Run for President as an Independent Candidate

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Environmental lawyer and anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has announced his candidacy for the presidency as an independent, ending his Democratic primary bid. This development adds a new dimension to the 2024 election, which was anticipated to be a Biden-Trump rematch.

Kennedy, a member of the prominent Democratic Kennedy family, had been running a longshot primary campaign with notably higher favorability among Republicans than Democrats. Questions loom about whether his Republican support will carry over into a competitive general election against Trump.

Biden and Trump allies have pondered whether Kennedy might play a spoiler role for their respective candidates. Biden’s camp has often dismissed Kennedy’s primary run as unserious.

Kennedy’s announcement in Philadelphia drew supporters who saw him as a truth-teller and a departure from conventional politics. His entry into the race follows other notable figures considering independent bids, adding intrigue to the upcoming election.

Kennedy has accused the Democratic National Committee (DNC) of bias against him in the primary and criticized their debate decisions. He has also aligned with far-right figures and is known for his skepticism of COVID-19 vaccines. 

His organization, Children’s Health Defence, has a pending lawsuit against news outlets for alleged antitrust violations regarding COVID-19 misinformation. Kennedy’s role in this lawsuit persists despite his presidential bid.