3 Amazing Facts About Fire Smoke Dampers

Facing a fire is most people’s worst nightmare. Fire may be fascinating but it sure has destructive qualities. It burns its way up to the time it does not extinguish. Smoke can kill a person slowly as well as fast, determining the fact that smoke kills people if one is not careful with it. Every single day we hear some new news on the death of people by excess smoke inhaling. Fire smoke damper stops this fire and saves the life and valuable assets of a person. The fire and smoke kill a person; it just depends on how fast they are.

The destruction caused by fire and smoke:

Fire can destroy like no other calamity. It’s frightening to see how well fire can destroy its own surroundings. The fire has the capacity to be the death of many people at the same time. Smoke is corrosive to nature. It causes metals to oxidize and then the metal corrodes becoming nothing but the waste of space. Smoke causes cancer as well as other diseases in a human being. Smoke is a silent killer of humans. It’s difficult to control fire and very difficult to control smoke. A house fire may also become the cause of burning the other houses as well. Fire spreads faster than a person can ever imagine it can.

People are trying to find new ways to deal with the destruction caused by fire and smoke. It is said that prevention is better than cure and in this case, it’s quite true. People think it’s better to control the fire rather than see it burn its whole surroundings.

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All about Fire and smoke Damper:

Fire and smoke are disastrous in nature, and every person agrees with this fact. To control it people have invented many methods and devices. One such device is the fire and smoke damper. This device is quite popular and is found in almost every house in the form of protection from fire.

  1. Fire and smoke dampers are passive protection products that are used in the prevention of fire and smoke, ventilation and prevention of fire. They are used in air conditioners also. They prevent fire and smoke from spreading by dampening the fire using springs area.
  2. Fire and smoke dampers work only when they sense high temperature more than what is the least temperature supposed to be. The sensors in a fire damper start working due to the rise in temperature and switch the blades activating the springs.
  3. There are two types of fire dampers that are being sold by the company controls air. The dynamic and static fire and smoke dampers are quite different to each other.

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People these days are now buying this stuff to prevent any kind of destruction that might happen due to fire. The above-mentioned points clearly mention the proper use of fire and smoke damper. This product has prevented the death of many people and now its use has increased tenth fold.