3 Tips To Consider When Dating an Introvert

If you are in a relationship with an introverted person, this article will help you better understand how it works in love. You can also make your partner read this so that you both can have a mutual understanding. I am myself an introvert who met his girlfriend on a free dating site Scotland. Here, I am sharing my own experience. 

Tip 1 Wanting To Be Alone Does Not Mean Your Partner Doesn’t Love You

Alone at home may be difficult for an extrovert to understand, but there is practically no greater happiness for an introvert than having their own time. Yes, yes, I assure you.
Personally, I love my partner. And I’m happy to spend most of my time with her. But when she told me that she was going to stay with her parents for a few days, it was happiness. For me, it’s a huge mark of love on her part. Far from offending me, it fills me with gratitude. I know she understands, and that she does this knowing that it will do me good.
So, if you have the opportunity to go with friends for a while, therefore, do not hesitate to suggest that they stay alone at home! Your partner will probably be delighted! And if he prefers to come with you, he will tell you. But it will probably be very touching that you have thought of it, and will surely not take it badly.  On the contrary, He will be all the more delighted that he would not have dared to offer it to you himself, for fear of hurting you, or for fear that you would not understand…
You will see that these few days alone will do him immense good: when you return, his mood is good, ready to give everything for you!


Offer him once in a while to stay alone for a few days at home (possibly, agree in advance on the frequency)
Accept it because you have different rhythms and desires
Consider yourself happy that you too can spend a weekend alone with friends, where you will not have to worry about your partner who is not amused

Tip 2: Their Silence is Not a Denial of Love

We introverts are the dreamers. You may already have noticed it: he is there, silent, he seems to be in his world, you think he is distant, you have the impression that he is not interested in you. But it’s not like this.
Remember: he is different from you! His natural state, the one where he rests, where he feels good, is calm, silence. This is the time when he gives free rein to his thoughts.
There you intervene. You talk to him about something, your day, your friend who pissed you off today, and he listens to you with a distracted ear. You insist, and he starts to get angry a little. Finally, the tone rises, he gets angry and you too.
But no, now you know it: you respect his silence because you love him. You do not take his silence badly, because you know that it is not distance from you, but simply his way of recharging his batteries. And once he is done with recharging, you can share whatever you want. He likes to be by your side in silence. It’s his way of loving you. 


Learn to appreciate his presence without speaking.
His silence is not distance.
Love him for his calm.

Tip 3: Don’t Rush, Wait For The Right Moment And See The Magic

Respecting one’s silence does not mean stopping all contact! Introverts, like everyone else, love being interested in them. You just have to do it tactfully. Without rushing. When they are rested and ready to open.
So, if your spouse returns from work, where he (or she) has been very busy, let him have his hour of rest. Let him recover in silence. Then, when he seems to have recovered a little hair from the beast, you can ask him questions about his day, how he feels, and show him signs of affection.
When we are rested and ready to talk, we like to be asked questions, to be interested in us. Especially since for us, it is often difficult to externalize our thoughts by ourselves. If we are not asked, we tend to keep things to ourselves. But we are grateful when we are allowed to speak and talk about ourselves or what interests us.


Wait until he is rested to ask him questions
Ask him questions about him, about what he thinks
Listen to him actively when he speaks, because c ‘is rare!
Do not interrupt when he speaks (introverts often find it harder than others to find the thread once interrupted)
Remember, if you want to change a person as per your liking than that is not love. Both partners should respect each other’s nature. You should not be the only one to compromise every time and neither your partner. Make a balance. Don’t be afraid to talk and discuss – just wait for the right moments.