Searching for a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device? Know What to Consider

GPS tracking systems have gained immense popularity in the recent era. With rapid advancements of technology in the automotive industry, GPS tracking systems including an advanced car tracking device India, implementing high-end technology has become quite seamless. 
The revolutionary GPS technology delivers a series of innovative applications across multiple industry verticals –including the automotive industry. As per the latest stats, you can assume an overall growth of around 20% of the size of the global vehicle tracking device market by 2025. 
Importance of the GPS Vehicle Tracking System
The core function of the GPS tracking solutions out there is to obtain real-time location of the particular vehicle. However, you should analyze the difference between a good vehicle monitoring system and a poor one to amplify the overall results. 
The core difference lies in the way in which data gets transmitted to the given server, the way in which transmitted data reaches the end-users, and the type of data under transmission. 
How to Choose the Right GPS Vehicle Tracking System for Your Vehicle?
 When you wish to ensure the best-ever tracking feature for your vehicle, it is imperative to choose a top-grade GPS device for car. Given the rising trend, vehicle tracking devices will hold a market share of over 25% with the ever-rising demand for reliable automation services through connected devices.
You should consider a multitude of factors when choosing a vehicle tracking device. For your ease, here are some important points to consider:

  • Real-time Tracking Vs. Passive Tracking: In passive systems, the receiver unit is responsible for storing all vital GPS data. The stored data becomes available to the local server only once the vehicle is back at the destination for the given day. There is the requirement of a Wi-Fi hotspot to download the available transmitted data onto the respective local server. 

If you aim at selecting the passive tracking system, it would ultimately depend on the frequency with which information gathering takes place along with the availability of memory space for storing the data. The passive system collects data every 30 seconds while requiring significant memory space to store the available data.
On the other hand, real-time or active tracking system utilized a satellite-enabled or mobile modem inside the GPS system. It works on the principles of predetermined frequency value. Therefore, it continuously keeps updating data into the respective server. 
Based on the provider, data’s frequency and its update might vary from 15 seconds to a single time in a day. As there is continuous data update happening, there is no loss of data. 

  • The Overall Cost: You can easily compare the overall costs of real-time tracking systems with that of passive tracking systems. Most people assume that real-time GPS tracker for bike or car is expensive in comparison to their passive counterparts. However, it is not so.

Real-time tracking solutions are increasingly becoming affordable. This is due to the fact that there has been a significant reduction in the overall wireless rates in the latest era. At the same time, the passive system could turn out costlier due to the involvement of the Wi-Fi infrastructure. It requires maintenance on a regular basis.

  • Notifications & Alerts: In any GPS system, notifications & real-time updates are of utmost importance. This is only possible with the help of advanced real-time tracking solutions. When you utilize a passive system, the respective fleet managers have to monitor the car or bike only once the vehicle is back to the destination. 

On the other hand, real-time trackers allow the fleet managers to ensure 24/7 vehicle tracking –even when the managers might not be available physically. With a real-time system, managers no longer require to stick to the respective desks. This is because notifications or alerts are effectively available on the respective mobile devices. 
While using notifications, alerts can be of many types. For instance, you can initiate alerts in case of an over-speeding vehicle, related to driving behaviors, exiting or entering specific geographic areas, and so more. 
There are multiple applications of the technology of GPS tracking. By selecting the right tracking system, you can leverage the potential benefits from this high-end technology. Get the most of the best car tracking device India.