7 Health Benefits of Massage oil

Low lighting with soft music while massaging your body. Ah! What a feeling it is! After a tough week, and having a massage is the most relaxing experience that anyone can feet it.

A relaxing massage is all you need to heal your mind and soul. There are numerous oils for massaging that benefit your health and you must know it.

Getting a massage helps in blood pumping that in turn, helps to benefit your health and your body renews itself by reversing the effects of stress.

7 Health Benefits of Massage Oil:

Abhyanga is known as the practice of full body massage. It is not a conventional massage but an ayurvedic universal healing massage remedy. Below listed are the benefits of massage oil,

1. Improves blood Circulation:

Abhyanga enhances blood circulation by removing metabolic wastes and provides stamina to last throughout the day. It increases our flexibility and versatility.

Abhyanga has the ability to sustain and stimulate internal organs. It also optimizes the capability of the body to throw out toxins from the body.

It’s essential to take care of yourself and ‘You’ should be your first priority. Massage therapy also has physical, emotional, and physiological benefits.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure:

Blood pressure, also known as Hypertension is the root cause of cardiovascular disease. The most common causes of blood pressure are genetics, unhealthy diet, stress, or sometimes environmental factors.

Abhyanga helps to decrease systolic blood pressure or hypertension by lowering high blood pressure. Massage oil helps to relax your cardiovascular system by improving the blood circulation.

On the other hand, you can also decrease your blood pressure by practicing aromatherapy massage.

3. Encourages Better Sleep:

By reducing the stress hormones that are present in our body, massage therapy promotes better sleep.

Abhyanga nourishes our brain, soul, skin, nervous system and joints. It calms our nerves and reduces all our depression and makes us feel that we are a powerful one out of many.

Massaging with an ayurvedic massage oil will help you to feel asleep peacefully throughout the night.

4. Makes Us Feel Healthy:

Massage therapy improves blood circulation and makes us feel healthy as already discussed above. Massaging with oil removes mental, spiritual and physical toxins from our body by deeply penetrating the cells.

The ayurvedic herbs that massage oil consists of are deeply absorbed by our body and make us feel more energetic than before.

5. Relaxes Nervous System:

Abhyanga helps you to relieve the pressure on nerves which is caused by tight muscles.

A good massage can improve your hormone’s secretion by lowering the stress hormone. The menstrual cycle, blood sugar, and immune cells react positively to the body massage. Massage is really beneficial for health as it relaxes your nervous system in a more efficient way.

6. Decreases Headaches:

All-day working under anxiety and stress can be the main cause of headaches. Massage therapy reduces stress and provides relaxation to muscles.

Massage oil not only provides you relief but also heals your mind mentally. It also provides relief to nerves and joints. From mental health to physical health, there is a wide range of health benefits that massage therapy consists of.

Abhyanga enhances the distribution of nutrients and oxygen to muscle cells and helps to decrease your anxiety and makes you feel energetic.

7. Reduces Ageing-Effects:

Massage oil softens and smoothes our skin and also reduces the effect of aging. Abhyanga oil produces a buffer between your skin and environmental influences and maintains the skin supple and soft.

It also helps to enhance the skin’s original vibrant beauty, which helps your skin to adapt to the aging process and decrease wrinkles.

On the other hand, Abhyanga also strengthens the fragile skin and helps you to look younger.


What can be more amazing than having massage therapy after a tough day!

Above mentioned are the numerous benefits of the massage oil that you must know in 2020. It helps your body to reverse the effects of your anxiety and stress.

Massage oil will not only heal your body but also helps to improve your skin tone naturally. It activates your gland and muscles to stimulate your blood flow.