7 Major Drawbacks of Daily Sprucing up Your Face with Makeup

For many people, especially women, wearing makeup is already a part of their daily life. If you are one of them, you can totally relate. Makeup is something you are used to applying on your face before you leave the house for work, for some special events or just for an ordinary day. It’s like you can’t go on a day without it.

If doing so has many benefits for you, wearing makeup everyday also has drawbacks. You might be fully aware of them or not, but nevertheless, they surely exist. Some people might not consider those disadvantages as such and you yourself might, and it’s also helpful to know what they are, regardless if they might seem a bit subjective or not.

Below are 7 drawbacks of wearing makeup daily:


Whenever there is a special occasion where your looks need to be fixed by a makeup artist or just by someone else, you are aware that you need to get ready hours early before the actual makeup application. This can depend on the type and the style of makeup, but most of the time, you should not be late because putting on a good makeup is not quickly done.
Applying makeup consumes a lot of time. If you’re going to work with makeup on, you definitely need to wake up early, take a bath and arrange everything you need so you can peacefully fix your face right after.

If you’re doing your makeup yourself, there are times when you are not satisfied with your finished look. You feel like there’s something lacking or too much. It bothers you a lot that the thing you decide to do is to erase the whole thing you’ve made and repeat from the top. If not, you might just need to alter a bit so you can finally achieve the look you want or at least get something really close to it. Such makeup application situations consume so much of the time.

Also, if you’re not very good at it or if you’re a beginner, then putting makeup on your face might consume a little more time than usual.


Getting into a hobby or interest you really like or love is costly, if not just a bit, most especially if you’re really decided to pay a lot of attention to it. If it is something that makes you delighted and progressive, you put more effort into it.

Together with the efforts you give, of course, financial costs also exist because you buy makeup and other essentials when it comes to putting makeup. It actually isn’t just the few simple things, but doing so actually requires a lot of proper materials.

Also, if you want to have the best makeup outcomes for your skin, you will prefer purchasing the safest and high quality makeup products even if they are expensive. Instead of the cheap but harmful and medically unauthorized products, you will and should always not think twice when buying pricey but healthy makeup items.

Many products also come in sets and with steps on how to use them. Beauty stores say that if you buy and use the whole makeup set, “you’ll get the best results.”

Using makeup is also an investment for many. For some, it somehow becomes addictive. It’s a disadvantage because sometimes, you tend to spend too much on makeup, even if it’s not very important and necessary. Instead of buying the much needed stuff, you feed your intense love for makeup more.


For different skin types, different makeup types and products function. In order for you to know whether a certain product agrees with your skin or not, you have to test it. If your skin and the makeup are not compatible with each other, you may get skin allergies.

It might be a little draggy since you need so much time for trying and experimenting and observing. Over time, you might get more prone to new skin allergies or have them from time to time. Uncomfortable rashes or hives might also appear if your skin is sensitive. It is important to read the label of the makeup products to know the ingredients and possible side effects.


One of the most common disadvantages of wearing makeup daily is the occurrence of skin conditions such as pimples, acne and blackheads. They arise because makeup products, especially those liquids and creams, clog pores. The skin cannot breathe with too much or too frequent makeup.

Oil-based makeup products usually lead to pore blockages. That is when blackheads get their own spotlight on your face.
Even light makeup can do harm to your skin. If you don’t use a proper makeup remover and facial cleanser after a day with full makeup on, your skin becomes very unhealthy. It becomes dry or oily.

Before sleeping, makeup must be washed off thoroughly. If you sleep with makeup on, you hinder your facial skin from being able to rest, recover and rejuvenate naturally. Makeup suffocates your skin.  


For now, using makeup everyday can make you feel brighter and younger. It can emphasize your features. Through it, you can also alter how you look.

As time goes by however, using makeup products can cause premature aging since some chemical contents can gradually cause permanent damage to your skin. Patchiness, wrinkles and other facial lines might appear early as signs of skin aging. Although makeup helps you conceal many of your unwanted skin areas, it can also make “aging” too early to be obvious on and through your skin.

Areas around the eyes and lines under them can worsen too. Makeup products based on talc can dry the skin and lead to more accelerated production of wrinkles.


You become more conscious when you have makeup too. “Is my lipstick still red?” “How do my eyeshadows look?” “Is the mascara still fine?” You tend to look on the mirror more often because you are wondering whether your makeup is still in proper look or not anymore due to the stressful commuting.
If you’re not very confident with your makeup before leaving the house, you might also be more conscious in such a way that you keep on checking on yourself. You are bothered that the style, the colors and other elements might not be something that suits you. Instead of focusing on the things you have to accomplish, you actually spend time thinking about your appearance and fixing it if needed.


If you are used to something, it’s usually hard to take it off your routine. Wearing makeup daily makes you so used to it that it’s possible that you cannot actually step out of the house and show your face to people without it.

It is without doubt that with and without makeup, your face becomes different. Some people might not be able to recognize you immediately without makeup, especially if you put heavy makeup on a daily basis.

Sometimes, you might also feel like other people will appreciate your painted appearance more than the natural one so you feel afraid and too dependent on makeup. You might feel like you are naked without your makeup. There’s a tendency that without it, your self-confidence also gets lost.   

This is a drawback since not all circumstances require makeup. Some places and situations also prohibit. Sometimes, time does not allow too. It might be a bit hard for you to adjust and adapt to certain happenings.


Makeup has big benefits, and a lot of people use it for important purposes. Despite that, of course, it has drawbacks as well. At first, you might have thought that they’re all related to the skin’s health but as you’ve read above, they are not. Some include financial issues, practicality and even mental, social and emotional concerns too.

Wearing makeup when needed is alright. Doing so every single day might be a “routine” already, but always keep in mind that there are cons too. Keep in mind that too much is not healthy anymore. Use healthy and safe products, and even if you do, learn that moderation is a great thing.