7 Serious Facts You Need to Know About Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay This is one of the biggest evils that can actually take a toll on the oral health of both the kids as well as the adults.
Being one of the most chronic childhood ailments, the risk of tooth decay is not reduced even for a grown up. The adults who suffer from the receding gums or those who have old fillings that have got crevices or cracks are more prone to cavities that eventually lead to teeth decay.
In order to prevent tooth decay, you should first know about some essential facts about the same. Once you get a complete understanding of these significant facts you should be able to fight tooth decay better.
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Here an attempt is made to bring to you some of them. Just read on.

  • Tooth Decay Starts with a Hole – Cavity formation leads to the dental decay and this cavity appears as a tiny hole in the tooth enamel. The hole is created when the bacteria in the mouth slowly destroy the enamel. Because of the hole the bacteria can easily reach the tooth centre that is made of the softer material of dentin and reduce the calcium there. The dentin slowly converts in to a brown mush because of this. This dentin has to be drilled into and the centre of the tooth is to be refilled by the dentist in order to save the tooth.
  • There Can be No Symptom for Tooth Decay – There can be no symptom or sign of decay as the tooth starts to decay. It is for this reason that a regular visit to the dentist is absolutely essential as there is a chance that you will never know that your tooth is slowly decaying in your mouth.  A professional dentist is able to spot a decay before it takes an ugly turn and damages the teeth in more ways than one.
  • Three Factors Are Necessary for Tooth Decay – Tooth decay occurs when there are three major factors – acid that gives rise to bacteria, a tooth that is susceptible to decay and intake of diet that is rich in refined carbohydrates and sugars.
  • Tooth Loss Can be the Consequence of Tooth Decay – You may be of the notion that you are dealing with a little stain or simple cavity. But you should keep it in mind that tooth decay can actually destroy your tooth completely. This weakens up the specific tooth and poses a threat for the other pearly whites. Your tooth either needs to be extracted then or it breaks by itself.
  • Babies Are Not Born with Decay-causing Bacteria – The cavity and decay causing bacteria are not something that babies are born with. In fact, these bacteria are transferred through the saliva of their mothers, family members or caregivers. So you should ensure that you (or anyone else) do not pass anything to the baby that have been put inside the mouth.
  • Tooth Decay Can Lead to Serious Issues – Apart from being painful, the tooth decay can also give rise to various health issues.  These include the following –
    • Abscess
    • Loss of Weight
    • Cracked or Broken Teeth
    • Sifting Location of Permanent Teeth
    • Premature Loss of Baby Teeth
  • Bacterial Infections or Sepsis inside Blood Stream
  • Just Sugar is Not the Creator of Tooth Decay – Research reveals that sugar is not the only culprit that makes the plaque develop on the teeth.  The pH level of the mouth can be changed by acidic foods and that can give rise to cavities. Sugared coffee is one of the top offenders in this case. Apart form that, the energy drinks, the caffeinated soft drinks and the sweetened teas are the major culprits of tooth decay.

The above are some of the major facts that you need to know about tooth decay. Although the modern dentistry has come up with various treatments like tooth filling that is available at an affordable tooth filling cost today, tooth decay if left untreated for long can lead to severe consequences including tooth loss. So, stay aware and keep tooth decay at bay by following regular oral hygiene and attending dental appointments at least twice a year.